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Enclosed between land and sea, which play a crucial role in its expansion and its characteristics, the Venetian lagoon is by definition an amphibious environment in constant development.

Many find themselves plowing its waters every day: there are those who go on a fishing trip with friends, those who need to move from one island to another, and those who prefer to spend a quiet day near a beach. However, each of them needs a tailor-made solution. For this reason, one could not miss from the Venice Boat Show exhibition space dedicated to lagoon boats.

At Quay 2 of Darsena Grande, near Piazzale della Campanella, are some of the most representative vehicles from FAP shipyard, based in Marcon, a young company in the production of boats, but with many years of experience in the nautical sector. At his guide there is Luca Pesce, who together with her sons Alex and Igor has become the greatest interpreter of return to the culture of the traditional Venetian wooden boat, applying an almost sartorial approach in its realization. In fact, each year the activity creates unique and personal pieces configured in different configurations, with peninsulas at the bow or stern, benches or tables with a length from 2.70 meters to over 6 meters. In short, tailored not only to the customer but also to the Venice Lagoon.

At first glance, the copies that FAP has chosen to show at the third edition of the Salon may all seem different from each other. In fact, it is the same boat that is set up in three different ways: One is configured for winter, another to enjoy a quiet day in the lagoon and soak up the sun, and yet another is the classic bonnet. In all of them, the lines of tradition have been preserved except for the hull, which has instead been revised to adapt to the wave motion, speed and power of the boats today. “1600 Dogado e” also stands out on the pier with its bright green color, an electric boat, but always made of wood, presented last year on the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Venice. Two restored boats dating back to the 70s and 80s close the yard’s FAP group.

As you move towards the Mare Laguna area of ​​Arsenale, in front of Torre di Porta Nuova, you will find the stand with Nautica Ceccherinia Marano Lagunare company founded in 1979 by the brothers Bruno, Renato and Mario Ceccherini. There are five iconic models of the yard, all in fiberglass, which is able to speak to both young and adult audiences who are eager to experience the lagoon by sailing lightly: Borin, Grecale 19 and Silver 5 are exclusively for lagoon navigation, while Maestrale 19 and Foran face both the lagoon and the ocean. Even in this case, however, no boat is the same as the other, they are all made to measure for customers and are therefore unique pieces.

According to Cecchhetto’s builders, the abc of the perfect lagoon boat includes first and foremost being fast and fun, then having a high-performance hull that does not fish much, of course without neglecting stability. On the deck, on the other hand, it must be able to utilize every inch of free space, and therefore have ample habitability. As for the customization, much depends on the use that the customer wants to use it: the lord who wants to use it for fishing asks for a more technical layout, the family with children looks first and foremost at safety, while couples look for the right compromise between going out for fun and other activities. The shower and ice box, however, seem to be essential, for a fresh aperitif in the lagoon’s summer waves.



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