Tommasi with the Mayor of Florence Nardella at Porta Palio: Culture and Tourism in a European Verona | TgVerona

Fifth and final agreement with the public events organized by the Rete! Coalition, which supports the mayoral candidate Damiano Tommasi. Friday night, in a crowded hall in Porta Palio, this cycle of meetings ended in the same way as it had begun: “always putting best practice at the center of comparison and constructive dialogue with the administrators, who in Italy have shown that they are able to carry out projects aimed at improving services, both those aimed at their citizens and all those who benefit from coming from outside, he writes in a note on the Network !.

Tommasi discussed with the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella on the theme “Culture and Tourism in a European Verona” with Marta Ugolini, Professor of Economics and Management at the University of Verona, and Barbara Ferro, Director of Administration and Finance at VdV srl, a private company, which manages the urban redevelopment program on the island of Certosa, and which has worked on a development plan for tourist accommodation activities on the same.

At the center of the discourse, tourism and cultural policies. Questions addressed by Tommasi, emphasizing critical issues, projects and solutions and recalling how there is a single department of culture and tourism in the election program.

“When they ask me about my administrative experience, I always start remembering an African proverb. Alone you go faster, together you go longer. To run a city well, a mayor who is able to lead a team with vision, strategy, look up to a more courageous horizon – began Dario Nardella, mayor of Florence – Verona, sorry to say, has disappeared from it Italian radar and European in recent years. It is necessary to be able to combine tradition and modernity, to innovate in order to remain contemporary, to combine several proposals that combine culture and tourism, nature and culture. It means having a cross-cutting view of culture. Demand is created only with the tourist offer. I would like to give an example of all. This city has one of the most beautiful monuments in Italy. I’m talking about the Arena, of course. What kind of programming is done every year through the Arena to promote culture and tourism in the city? This place has to become the most coveted of all international artists. We can and must not lower the quality of the range of events in the Arena, to the detriment of the quantity. No one in Italy has such a unique and magical place, it must be respected and used according to high quality logic in terms of cultural proposals. Moreover, it is now clear that in Italy it is profitable to focus on the organization of sporting events. They always represent a formidable lever for urban transformation! Just think of how the city of Turin has changed after hosting the 2006 Winter Olympics, but there are more and more examples of this field ”.

“We of the network! We want to give Verona a different look compared to the last 15 years – Tommasi explained – We have to raise the bar, be ambitious also in this area, we can no longer be satisfied. Verona is of course a beautiful city, but in recent years expectations have fallen sharply.We can not continue to live on the revenue from Julie’s balcony and the Arena, we believe that there must be a direction that governs the programming of events, cultural events and hospitality. And that it must be carried out by competent people, which is why we have planned to create a unified department that unites Culture and Tourism, and which will be able to raise the quality of the general tourist offer. In addition, we must be better at describing Verona and its territories. , but to do this it is necessary to establish a constructive dialogue with the surrounding areas, to network with the administrations of the province of Verona (Garda, Valpolicella and Lessinia) .It is also necessary to know how one attracts people to Verona who can create and promote culture because it is such a stay of longer and higher quality for tourists is generated. Working well on a young and international type of tourism means making a big investment in the city’s future. – added the mayoral candidate of the Rete coalition! – If I add to this a careful rebuilding of the urban spaces that are left to themselves today, ie rebuilding the suburbs and decentralization of further events there, I add another qualitative element to the offer. I offer both citizens and tourists. I’m thinking of Lazzaretto, just to give an example. The same space creates culture and community. Making public spaces beautiful is the first step in counteracting social hardship. This is also a goal to be achieved “.

The goal of the network! is the creation of an integrated tourism model, based on sustainability and accountability, with high-quality services available to those working in the sector and to those who come to visit the city. Encouraging periods of prolonged stay and improvement of the suburbs through redevelopment projects that know how to make use of all the necessary tools, which are not only made available by the PNRR, as other Italian and European cities have done for some time also with the involvement of private in far-reaching strategic proposals.

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