The palaces’ old residences open hidden courtyards in the historic center

NARDO ‘- Prestigious palaces and residences in the historic center of Nereto open the courtyards for a special day dedicated to the beauty of the places. After the forced halt of two years due to the pandemic, the association Dimore Storiche Neretine, with the support of the municipal administration, wanted to revive an initiative that allows everyone to discover the farms and gardens of the houses and palaces deprived of the old heart of the city , very often unknown “treasures” of beauty.

Corti Aperte is an itinerary for the execution and improvement of a valuable part of the private monumental heritage of Nardò, which is usually inaccessible. Behind the heavy doors, in a tumult of flowers, art and notes of talented and eclectic artists, the historical and architectural beauties, hidden from most, will be revealed.

The countdown is now over. The appointment is set for tomorrow, Sunday, June 5th. The palaces and courtyards will be accessible from 10 to 13 and from 17 to 22, and the students of the art school “Vanoni” will help visitors reconstruct the history and characteristics of the places.

On the occasion of a visit to the courtyards and palaces will also be useful for an interesting visit to museums and cultural attractions in the historic center. In fact, the castle’s attractions will be open and accessible (underground, museum of peasant civilization and popular traditions, the small museum of Salento folk costume) on Piazza Battisti, the educational museum of the art school on Piazza San Domenico, the museum of prehistory di Nardò on piazza Sant’Antonio and the Diocesan Museum on Piazza Pio XI.

“It does not happen every day,” explains the Councilor for Culture, Territorial Marketing and the Historic CenterGiulia Puglia“To access these treasures of architectural beauty, culture, history of the Nardò and Neretine families. For this reason we will never stop thanking the many owners of these wonderful historic buildings and of course the association Neretine Historic Houses for their generosity “Behind strict doors, there is an ancient and often refined wealth, which is dilapidated in a thousand ways and which is usually inaccessible. I therefore invite everyone to take advantage of it and discover the hidden face of the city”.

Program and places to visit

The program anticipates the opening of the day, at. 11, with the inauguration of the historical information board by Giulio Palace and with the theatrical representation “The Baroque of Neretina” by the Moccia Institute. Also at the Palazzo Giulio there will be an exhibition of carriages, an arts and crafts exhibition, a 3D virtual tour of the building and a wine tasting.

TO From Noha Palace the artistic exhibition Materia viva: light and shadows is planned by the art school “Vanoni”. TO From Pandi Palace visitors will find a craft exhibition, the virtual 3D tour of the palace and a wine tasting.

TO Palace person an exhibition of vintage cars has been set up. TO Caputo Palace there will be a craft exhibition. TO Cariddi Palace still handicrafts, in addition to the exhibition “Visionary Art” by Michela Bornia and the virtual 3D tour of the building.

Virtual tour too Zambia Della Porta Palace. TO Palazzo Asciutti the craftsmanship of Art Deco by Giuseppe De Braco and an oil tasting.

TO Courthouse the art exhibition “In Sincrono” by Dario Tarantino and the virtual tour in 3D. To Bispepaladset the art exhibition “Ora et labora” by Giovanni Felle.

TO Onorato Palace David Di Vetta art exhibition. TO Palazzo Manieri Zuccaro the agreement with Donne Equociqui. TO Zambia Palace (formerly Santa Teresa Monastery) a number of handicraft exhibitions. TO Palazzo Vaglio Trotta Alessandra Chiurazzi’s Craft of Precious Trame. TO Palazzo Manieri Eliafinally a wine tasting.

That Santa Chiara Monastery it will unusually open its doors to visitors to reveal its beauty. The trail, led by art historian Paolo Giuri, begins with a visit to the church and restoration site by restaurateurs Alessandro Burgio and Chiara Muschitiello and ends in the historic garden, accompanied by agronomist Antonio Orlando and agronomist Bruno Vaglio …

On this occasion, it will be possible to visit the museum dedicated to Sister Chiara D’Amato and the reception room, where some unpublished paintings from the monastery will be exhibited, including Madonna Addolorata (18th century), which was recently restored with contributions from the historic House Association Neretine. Admission is allowed (groups of 15 every half hour) from kl. 17:00 to 20:00 with a mandatory donation of 3 euros (completely handed over to the poor Clares) and duty to wear mask.

“We are proud to be the owners, but also the passionate guardians of such ancient and beautiful buildings,” says the president of the Neretine Historic Houses Association, Benedicta Giulio, “and for this reason we make this wealth accessible to all, which is not only material, but of identity, of styles, of stories and of culture.It is an event that I believe can serve to give visibility to a beautiful city like ours, to make it known in its hidden and elegant profile. The private real estate assets of Nardò have nothing to envy in relation to the most famous cities, and Corti Aperte is the best opportunity to find out. “

There is also a program of musical events, organized by the association Eleusi Aps, with artistic direction by Andrea Sequestro, and theatrical events in each building, church and other buildings in the historic center.

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