The embrace of 250 orphans from Ukraine

Apolonia’s mission in Ukraine

TERMOLI. The delegation of the “Apolonia” Association of Termoli has recently returned from Poland. Moved: Dagmara Sobolewska and Iwona Popczak, who returned to their daily activities after two months of organizing gift packages for Ukrainian children and teenagers. Orphans from the Ukrainian city of Bojarka, near Kiev, celebrated International Children’s Day, not Ukraine this time, but in Poland. The kids played with balloons, drew, made soap bubbles and ate treats, also given by Ferrero. In the recreation facility “Posejdon” in Ustka, the children at the Ukrainian orphanage celebrated in the middle of a green pine forest with caring operators and volunteers among good people. Without war.

Three months have passed since the city of Ustka received small war refugees from Ukraine. The children no longer look like the exhausted refugees from the long journey. They grew up a bit, took on color and settled down. And the assistants have calmer faces.

“We came up with the idea of ​​giving the children gifts on this special and joyful day,” says Dagmara Sobolewska, president of the Polish-Italian association “Apolonia” in Termoli – In the beginning we had no money. This was already our next charitable mission for the Ukrainian people. We were scared! Will this action succeed, we wondered? But there were people with unique sensitivity who helped us financially, with gifts, as well as with organizing this event. There were even 250 children, all very happy! All our worries, fatigue and embarrassment disappeared in an instant, and the smiles of these innocent and disadvantaged children soothed our anxiety and gave us further strength and optimism for further help to the Ukrainian people, especially the children.

The International Children’s Day in “Poseidon” was supported by many people.

The enthusiasm was incredible. Shouts, applause, dancing. There was no shortage of attractions. Soap bubbles, popcorn, face makeup, pigtails, horseback riding, go karting, barbecue. The food on offer tasted good, everything pleased little eyes. Children, the elderly, will surely remember this day. We will definitely remember him forever, Iwona and Dagmara confirm. There was no shortage of emotions, concussions and chills. Our biggest wish is that no other child celebrates the child’s day at the orphanage and that all children can call: mother, father. We would like to thank all those who, to a small or large extent, have helped to make this indescribable act possible. Good intentions are often not enough, but the power lies in strength and unity. Thank you for your support, really! “

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