Summer out 2022, 50 events for a summer of culture, wellness and fun in Cavriago

From Multiple to squares, from parks to neighborhoods, the urge to be together and the culture lights up Cavriago for a summer away from home!

Cavriago’s summer comes alive with Estate fuori 2022, the program of events built by Cavriago Municipality in the name of culture, quality entertainment and sociability. Over 50 proposals are planned (all with free admission) from June to September, promoted by a plurality of subjects, including cultural institutions, associations, individual artists, private subjects, gathered in a network of creativity and collaboration strengthened by the desire to work together on offer a varied proposal for events, for different interests and tastes.

The city’s places, squares and parks come alive and are thus transformed into scenes thanks to theater, music, reading, art and culture.

Cultural Councilor Martina Zecchetti presents the program as follows: “The pandemic and the war have shown us how basic networks, bridging between people are; The climate and environmental crisis has made us understand how important it is to strengthen the bond between people and the area in which they live. It is from this idea of ​​culture, which is to take care of people, relationships and places, that this rich program of cultural initiatives spread throughout the territory is born. A program that is realized thanks to a precious network of consolidated collaborations, and which we want to promote human well-being, a new collective protagonist, the connection to everyday places. “

The season opens with Orticelli Ribelli, the festival dedicated to education for sustainability, self-production and horticulture, education for gender equality, organized by the Emilia-Romagna region, Cavriago municipality and L’Ovile Social Cooperative in Reggio Emilia. Orticelli Ribelli will spread throughout June throughout Cavriago, from Multiplo Park to Piazza Lenin, from Parco del Rio to Bosco dei mille Frutti, with workshops for families, conferences, concerts, shows, picnic aperitifs with products from local and sustainable companies.

The Multiplo Digital project then starts, a proposal that multiplies the proposals dedicated to multimedia, digital and diversity of languages ​​in different areas of the country, developed thanks to the collaboration with Accento Cooperativa. At Multiplo, boys and girls ages 9 to 13 can have fun making a video game with the Scratch programming lab (starting Wednesday, June 8), while girls and boys ages 12 to 16 can try their hand at creating a short film, a real short film to be conceived, recorded and edited, with the Fantasmagorie workshop starting on Wednesday 29 June. At Multiploen, a new room equipped with a collection of digital tools will be inaugurated on Saturday 18 June at 11.00 to conduct courses, seminars, laboratories and to deepen the skills in computer skills and create new digital products related to graphics, games, application development, object creation, audio-video production and digital music.

To the delight of the little ones, but also the adults, the puppet shows in the open air are back: Saturday 11 June at 10 arrives the show La fame di Arlecchino, curated by Fondazione Famiglia Sarzi, to the park at Multiplo; while Baracca and puppets, the puppet show arranged by 5T, stops in Cavriago on Thursday, July 14 and Thursday, August 11 at. 21.30.
The voice of the stories will resound in various events dedicated to the joy of shared reading and comparison of ideas: Saturday, June 18 at. 10.30 Roberta Chesi with Voci di donna will lead us to the discovery of strong and brave portraits of women, Thursday 30 June at 21.15 Claudio Bolognini and Fabrizio Fabbri present their book Blood of our blood about the July 7, 1960 massacre in Reggio Emilia with Anpi and Ass. Carmen Zanti in Multiplo Park. The deal Thursday, June 30 Reads right away! it will instead be dedicated to the families of the children born last year, who will be welcomed by Dr. Mauro Luigi Dutto and the volunteer readers who are friends of Multiplo.

Thursday, June 23 at 18.30 Guglielmo Mauti holds a meeting with Dr. Maria Grazia Schembri and Avv. Valeria Munari on love and other misdeeds, to talk about love and couples; while Thursday, July 21 at. 18.30 Guglielmo Mauti with Luciano Pantaleoni will tell the people of Reggio through proverbs, idioms, songs and nursery rhymes collected by Pantaleoni in the book Arsan, Testi quedri, Square heads. Attending these meetings will be even more enjoyable with a refreshing drink, an ice cream or an aperitif with friends, because they will take place among the tables in the eighth-day bar, the cozy little bar in Multiplo-park that is open all summer thanks to the eighth-day project and to the La Rondine Association. The association La Rondine arranges Panden under the stars with grass and sausage and musical entertainment on Saturday 2 July at 7.30 pm.

Thanks to the Carmen Zanti Cultural Association and the Committee for the Defense and Improvement of the Napoleon Cemetery, it will be possible to discover the atmospheric Napoleon Cemetery in Cavriago with the show Là ci, which shakes hands with the Compagnia di Allorquando and the city’s participation of the Cavriago Choir on the evening of Tuesday, June 28 and July 12. Compagnia di Allorquando will also be the main character on Thursday 4 August at 9 pm in Lenin Square with the theater and music performance Itaca. The show that is not there for the Cavriago Land Art Festival by Gommapane lab.

Il Multiplo and its park will host groups of people who share a passion and the pleasure of being together all summer: The crazy crochet (Thursdays at 9.30am), A thread that unites to talk and knit (on Friday 5 pm), Together again with Tinde and Auser (Wednesdays at 9 pm), Together again with games and Auser (Fridays at 4 pm), the reading group Page 21 (Thursday 9 June, 7 July, 4 August and 1 September) and the Outpost Bogorme group for young readers aged 12 and over, which will be participating with young readers from all over Italy at the Sea of ​​Books Festival in Rimini on Sunday 19 June!

Finally, the events that Cavriaghesi loves at all ages are back: young people can meet at Korner, the summer edition of the Kessel Club, for cocktail and music evenings, children aged 6 and up meet at Multiplo for afternoons with play with the cooperative Accento (Friday 17/6, 15/7 and 12/8). And everyone, from zero to 99 years old, will enjoy the magic of Multiplo Park with the evening of photographic projection From Cavriago to the world with the Cuariegh Photographer Group, Auser (Thursday 28/7 at 9.15pm) and the deal with Theater dell’Orsa Thursday 15 September with Verses in the Branches, PoetaTerra Event and Happy Reading.

The multiplo will be open with all its seats and services throughout the summer without interruptions: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9 to 12.30, Wednesday and Friday from 16 to 19.30 and Thursday from 16 to 23. Support projects will continue to Ukrainian children discovering new games and friends at Multiplo while their mothers learn the Italian language.

The complete and updated program for Estate fuori 2022 is available at

Info: Multiplo Centro Cultura,, 0522/373466 and


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