Sicily illustrated by Elenoiret

Interview with graphic designer Eleonora Treppiedi

Eleonora Tripod, aka Elenoiret, It is a’Sicilian illustrator which tells the link to his country in a pop-up key.
His illustrations combine regional idioms with traditional symbols, evoking the typical atmospheres and colors of Sicily.
With her project, born during her university years in Venice, Eleonora promotes a new vision of “Sicilianity”, which seeks to free the island from the prejudices it often falls victim to and reinforce its unique aspects.

Who is Elenoir and what is her relationship with Sicily?
“I am a Sicilian graphic designer and illustrator. The visual language has always belonged to me, perhaps because I was born in a land of colors with which I share the eccentric and contradictory aspects. I left Sicily believing it was too small “to me, but it is in this physical detachment that I found the connection to my country and felt a need to express it through my language. The elenoir is precisely the result of this communicative need”.

What made you go the way of illustration?
“Realizing that visual communication was the best way to express my creativity, I decided to continue my studies with a master’s degree in visual and multimedia communication design at the IUAV in Venice. It is in this context that I turned to illustration, and thanks to the exchange with some university colleagues, I began to explore my personal style “.

What aspects of Sicily do you like to tell?
“I am convinced that one’s cultural background has an influence on the creation of a work. For this reason, the main themes of my illustrations are linked to my country, especially to the idiom and symbols of tradition, which I use to create a pop narrative about Sicily. In the future, I would like to continue to make room for the more hidden aspects of the tradition and give voice to my female subjects, who with charm express the connection I have with this island. “

He has built a very strong community on Instagram. How did using social media affect your work?
“By posting my Illustrations on Instagram, I discovered that I was in a simple way able to communicate personal moods and thoughts that were easy to understand, but above all shared and appreciated. Today, I have a special relationship with my community, and I believe that the social aspect is essential in my work. I also consider myself a content creator who, through Instagram, carries on a collective story where each member of the community can identify. “

What projects are there in the future?
Continuing this adventure as a freelancer will always be a challenge, but the long-term goal is to make Elenoir an increasingly solid and structured business project that continues to collaborate with other brands to spread my vision of “contemporary Sicilianism” and release this island from the imagination full of prejudices that characterize it “.

Marta Graziano


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