MARCIANISE. What legality did Velardi tell the students of Isiss Ferraris? How are illegal houses built, how are citizens cheated with fake permits or the technique by which his friends have forged the signatures on a list?

At the bottom of the article, we also publish a poster of the event, held last Tuesday, May 31, and moderated by Angelo Agrippa

MARCIANISE (GG) – Retired Carabinieri General Angiolo Pellegrini came to Marcianise on May 31 to convey his institutional, professional, civil and moral testimony of an Army officer who was working at the time in close contact with Judge Giovanni Falcone to the students of Isis . Buccini-Ferraris from Marcianise.

The guest’s authoritarianism and his very noble past put in second order, at least in our eyes, the fact that General Pellegrini arrived well-equipped with several copies of his book, “Noi uomo di Falcone,” written by four hands. with Francesco Condoluci, foreword by the legal historian Repubblica Attilio Bolzoni.

Of course, the key word, transformed into a single item on the agenda of this conference, was the only thing: legality.

The Mayor of Marcianise, Dr. Antonello Velardi, brought the greetings of the city, while Professor Domenico Caroprese expressed the greetings of Isiss Buccini-Ferraris, who leads as leader. The moderation was entrusted to journalist Angelo Agrippa.

Of course, it is not forbidden to attend a conference on legality as the protagonist, as a representative of the Italian state, for a charge of very serious crimes such as fraud and false ideology in competition, committed according to the public prosecution of Santa Maria CV to acquire and stealing unnecessary money from the people of Marcianise when he obtained it through the certification of his alleged accomplice, the then municipal secretary Onofrio Tartaglione, for permits attached to institutional obligations that were in fact false, false.

It is not forbidden, but it also requires a good portion of chutzpah, because here we are facing a case of inconvenience as large as the volume of the violent attic space, which Velardi has this time turned into a violation of all parameters of the building permits received in 2003 and 2004.

The municipality of Marcianise, ie the citizens, has reimbursed 220,000 euros in permits for Velardi. The prosecution only managed to find the serious evidence of guilt on part of this money, but the method we guarantee you has always been the same in every certification and attestation signed in Velardi’s favor by Secretary Onofrio Tartaglione.

These are concrete, material crimes which have determined, at least with regard to the abuse ceiling, probably with regard to fraud with repayments, economic and patrimonial benefits, for Velardi.

From a criminal point of view, he only avoided the conviction for building abuse thanks to a prescriptive and intermediate prescription, which he could have waived.

On the contrary, he took good care of it.

With regard to fraud with licenses, however, we are on the threshold of the crucial moment of the initial consultation, since the next 9 June, ie. Thursday, a Gup of the Court, after hearing all parties to state, on the request for reference to the opinion formulated by the prosecutor Gerardina Cozzolino.

Which is certainly not the latest arrival, as can be seen from his curriculum, where very important studies stand out, including the one about Tangentopoli di San Felice a Cancello, where he obtained harsh sentences for the former mayor Pasquale De Lucia and for other defendants .

They told us that Velardi, in the presence of these boys, the general, the principal, did not tell anything about his legal experience. Masterful in making this choice; We are very familiar with saying that it was a kind of pantomime, fiction, of a festival of hypocrisy, which General Pellegrini, but above all his story, did not deserve to be a co-star in.

And here we operate the usual lock. We know it’s useless, but we write it anyway: if the Marcianisans believe that their mayor can attend an event commemorating Giovanni Falcone as a witness to the legality, this must also be respected, just like the choice of those in front a rape going on, to an unmotivated violence, turns the other way because so much for me that I worry.

This article announces others that we will start writing on Monday, because throughout this story, you know that the Declaration, signed on November 12, 2021 by the then leader Anacleto Fuschetti, contains a number of pieces of information that greatly aggravate Antonello Velardi’s position?

We take our responsibility. Haste, the need to “beat and run” typical of local newspapers, made us forget that not only the last part of this order had to be read, but as Casertace usually does, especially the first. We did, and on Monday we’ll say we’ll actually write to you.

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