Lido di Camaiore, fire affects “Chini” school: the story of the evacuation and the causes of the fire

Rector: “We preferred not to let the students run the slightest danger, we immediately realized that the fire was far from the building, but we did not know how it could develop”

LIDO DI CAMAIORE. It is the last hour of teaching for the students of the high school “Galileo Chini” in Lido di Camaiore. The clock strikes around 12.30. Then there is the green light for the last weekend before the end of the school year, which is expected in about a week. There are a few minutes left before the clock is so coveted by students of all ages and levels, shot down by the heat of a scorching June.
It is precisely at this moment that the eyes of some students, wandering hopefully out of the window of the building, notice the smoke. Shortly afterwards, the appearance is followed by the sense of smell: the intense, sharp smell easily penetrates into the classrooms. The clear signal that something is burning.

Clarity in fear

The windows close immediately, the alarm goes up quickly to the presidency. School principal Monica Biagi does not hesitate for a moment. At first glance, the flames appear to be far from the building, across the large courtyard at the back of the school, but no one at the school wants to take any chances. The order is thus given to evacuate the entire structure, and let the students out in the parking lot of Piazza Centauro: hundreds of students outside the classrooms, parents alerted in the hectic minutes, but where we act with clarity in the procedures tested routine exercises. All free to go home, a good half hour early. While the police and firefighters, summoned by the same school (but already alerted by some locals, alerted by the dark smoke that can be seen from all over the Lido di Camaiore), arrive at the scene and intervene to immediately tame a fire driven by the light wind and August weather (although the calendar still marks June), it has begun to move along the bush even on nearby land.

Everything for a cigarette

]According to an initial reconstruction of the incident prepared by the carabinieri in the Lido di Camaiore (the first to reach the high school) and by the fire brigade staff, the trigger was a simple cigarette butt. A “butt” thrown absent from the window of a car moving along Via Aurelia, which runs along Chini High School right next to the large backyard. The first call to the Lido dei carabinieri station actually came by signaling a simple fire on the sideline of the state road. However, there were few flames that were first found in the fluff of the poplars and then in shrubs and wooden sheds on the ground next to the yard of the Chini high school – a plot that was used as a building depot – elements to feed on. Even reaches part of the courtyard inside the school: fortunately the timely arrival of three firefighting vehicles (was intervened from Viareggio, Pietrasanta and even from Lucca; with them also the forest fire brigade in Viareggio’s Green Cross, section of In fact original local staff was busy elsewhere, and The Lucca barracks had also been alerted) prevented the fire from reaching the classrooms and dammed and tamed it close to Via Aurelia.

Fear only of smoking

Eventually, therefore, the students of the department left the classrooms and set course for their homes without running the slightest risk. “We preferred not to let the students run the slightest danger – explains Rector Biagi, – we immediately realized that the fire was far from the building, but we did not know how it could develop and how fast. Then there was a lot of smoke, and even if we immediately closed the windows, we would not risk the students breathing it. At the weekend we ventilate the classrooms, on Monday all students will be able to return to class ».

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