Another bus fire that had no consequences.

This time the episode took place on the morning of the eiri, for a bus from the Moretti bus lines, which, empty of passengers, was on its way back from Rapolla to the Rionero terminal. At km 76 of SS93, near Barile. From the bus, without passengers, while driving, the driver noticed smoke coming out of the engine compartment.

The time to stop the vehicle and immediately the flames spread and involved it completely. The driver was unharmed thanks to the rapid intervention of the fire brigade, which, when they arrived at the scene, continued to put out the fire and secure the area.

According to experience, the fire was caused by a short circuit. No injuries and no intoxication, it seems. Only spectacular photos for an accident, which fortunately did not on this occasion registered victims or injured. By pure chance.

And in fact, immediately after the incident, the unions’ comments did not wait. Uil Trasporti has relaunched the call to “speed up the replacement program for the regional bus fleet to local public transport”.

“There are already numerous cases of fire that have arisen – urges the regional secretary Uil Trasporti, Antonio Cefola – and therefore calls for a modernization of the park taking into account the age of the vehicles”. To reiterate him, General Secretary Fit CISL Sebastiano Colucci: “No one was hurt and that relieves us.

But this thing – he emphasizes – must ring an alarm bell ». The words of the Fit Cisl secretary implicitly call on the province of Potenza and Matera – which are in fact responsible for the management of the extra-urban sections of the regional Tpl – to “carry out checks on the efficiency of means of transport because – Colucci – emphasizes it is the first case of a bus burning ».

“No one was injured this time either,” he insists, “but we do not know if the situation will be as ‘lucky’ next time.”

“It is therefore necessary – continues Colucci, who consults with the provinces – to take the honor of carrying out maintenance inspections. After also seeing the Ter support decree – he suggests – which makes a contribution to the bodies to be able to repair and / or replace the vehicles in the fleet ».

From a slightly different point of view on the age-old question, however, it seems that the Secretary-General of Filt Cgil of Basilicata, Luigi Ditella, does not blame his trade union colleagues, considering the “call for control of the fleet to be valid and necessary”, yes, but which he still regards as “a palliative”.

“In this case, the main problem – Ditella explains – is that our region may have the oldest fleet of all the others in Italy, as, since the race has expired since 2017, it is clear that – explains Filt Secretary CGIL – after 5 years have passed and companies therefore do not have the specifics of having a long-term contract, they do not make investments and therefore – he emphasizes – they continue to circulate with these obsolete and obsolete, as well as uncertain, funds’.

“The Moretti company, among many others, is perhaps the one that least respects the standards of labor relations with unions. so – explains Ditella – we do not even have the opportunity to interact actively and constantly with the company to know and understand the real conditions of their machinery “.

“On the other hand,” he continues, “it is true that the leader is first and foremost the company, but the real care should still be in the hands of the region and the province.” that by not speeding up the Supply, it holds the companies hostage, and actually allows them to circulate these vehicles, which are now out of the maximum survival time ».

“There is a need to modernize the operating plans, but above all to invest in the long term in an efficient fleet of machines that are not composed, instead of almost prehistoric means, dramatic things to see them circulate again in 2022, which affects , as we have seen, on safety », concludes the Secretary General of Felt CGIL in Basilicata, Luigi Ditella.

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