interior design for real estate for the new metropolitan generations –

From the visionary thought of the founders of the Milan Contract District was born Livinwow: the first Design Innovation Center to respond to the growing demand for new interior design concepts, intended for metropolitan residents (from the tail of X Generation to Millenials).

Thanks to the integration in the housing supply of a package of interior design services and products, Livinwow gives the property an immediate and greater appeal for those looking for a new home for rent or for sale. Designed according to a B2B2C model, a direct B2C digital channel is expected in the near future. The concept laboratory, which is only open by appointment, is unveiled in the heart of Milan in an area of ​​over 450 sqm in an extension to vibrating house number 4 via Archimede.

The venue, dedicated to property operators, also exceptionally opens its doors to the general public from 8 to 12 June on the occasion of Design Week 2022, from 10:00 to 18:00.


Conceived by the founders of the Milano Contract District, the design platform that six years ago completely rethought the world of services and real estate marketing, Livinwow ( has the ambition to conquer a new and growing market segment consisting of the main characters in Property which today faces housing development with the intention of meeting the needs of a new market that is in dialogue with developed models of housing supply for sale and rent. Livinwow was therefore born in response to a modern audience that from the youngest members of “Generation X” to all Millennialsshares values, models and dynamic lifestyles, and a “concept of life” rethought both in the idea of ​​utilizing common spaces and in design solutions and compositions of the interiors of houses.

“The Livinwow design model,” he explains Lorenzo Pascucci, founder of the Milan Contract District – is a coherent response to an innovative vision of the home. Today, the living environment must be designed on the basis of advanced design services and mood boards, well aligned with the changes that are revolutionizing modern society and the way of living the home. We have analyzed and placed particular emphasis on the requests and insights that come from the “home” world in order to translate them into a “home lifestyle” that is able to respond to the changing functional needs that came with the pandemic period: smart work, remote conference. , father and home learning, greater sustainability and increasing demand for outdoor living space. All this has resulted in interior design projects and 360 ° habitable outdoor spaces, where housing solutions for the first time speak a smart language, accessible and coherent with the rest of the calls coming from the outside world “.

Livinwow therefore meets the needs of a new real estate market, which is conceived today, but which will be available “tomorrow”, characterized by the need to be able to offer products and services to an increasingly changing and demanding public, which is also looking for the simplified purchasing processes that can be tested on a daily basis in other consumer industries (fashion, food, catering, technology, the automotive industry, etc.). In line with this vision, the Livinwow showroom was conceived as a creative laboratory, where interior design sets are mixed with video supports and digital virtual tours, which concretely expresses the concept of the development of the interior design and interior design project. .

The showroom is aimed at operators and professionals, but also opens exceptionally to the public from 8 to 12 June on the occasion of Design Week 2022. The choice of its location was not random: the vibrant via Archimede is already known for its strong hybridization between fashion showrooms, international creative studios and experimental and innovative catering models. Livinwow thus adds with its arrival the latest F (furniture) to the two already present, Fashion and Food, thus completing the triad that makes Made in Italy famous all over the world.


A house from Instagram Stories. From a chromatic point of view, the new concept is characterized by careful use of modern colors and moodboards, consistent with those looking for a style that is able to represent it at any time of the day. Thanks to hybrid research and cross-categories, Livinwo’s efforts were able to interpret and offer a homely lifestyle in line with the new trends not only in the interior design world, but also in fashion, catering and beauty.


The interior design proposal is intended as a function of apartments of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, and is presented as a renewed dialogue between interior and exterior spaces, ie the loggias or terrace environments that are increasingly gaining value for those who search. a modern home. In fact, thanks to a network of specialized partner companies, Livinwow is able to offer integrated projects between outdoor and indoor areas of an apartment, offering for the first time continuity in functionality, privacy and the quality of psychophysical well-being that can achieved through unprecedented solutions of shadow and horizontal and vertical scenographic installations of green.


Livinwow envisages the involvement of major Made in Italy and international brands that are able to offer quality products at affordable prices. In line with the concept’s “easy and fun” logic, to guarantee the final result. Our interior designers study the many chromatic and material moodboards and preconfigure the interior design project in every detail to guarantee the customer WoW solutions in terms of price, features and aesthetic result.

The new platform was born phygital for several reasons. On the one hand, the need to create an eventful and immersive space, a creative laboratory that is a meeting point between the Real Estate world and the Livinwow research center, where innovative and dynamic “live” solutions to be seen and touched can be developed. On the other hand, there is a need to provide a “digital” dimension which, thanks to the tools and digital Apps designed, makes it possible to simplify access to the platform’s services on both the B2B and B2C side. Inside the showroom, the first digital Arena in the world of interior design has been dedicated, where through special oculus viewers it is possible to navigate the projects and preview a virtual experience in 1: 1 scale of your project.


Livinwow offers home developers a package of exclusive interior design services and products that are able to lift and renew the proposal for entire buildings for sale or rent. “Livinwow – the Lorenzo Pascucci concept elaborates – was designed for those seeking integrated functional advice to return high-quality interior design and interior design solutions in their own development. The innovative services offered make the business experience with Livinwow exceptional and never comparable to any other supplier or main contractor in the sector ».

Livinwow allows you to accelerate the sale of a property development or increase the demand for a rental property by segmenting the demand. Times and costs of the on-site construction process are reduced by avoiding remodeling and limiting disruption to returning homes “ready to live” at the deed or immediately after completion of work if rented. Finally, it allows you to rely on the experience of the first interior design provider, which thanks to the integration of digital with a functional business model is able to become the only point of contact for a consultant or property developer. “Livinwow is currently only targeted at B2B. But the idea is – Lorenzo Pascucci concludes – to reach the final consumer directly through digital tools ».


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