Inauguration of the new entrance car park to the primary school, a comprehensive state institution

The municipal administration, the designer Arch. Claudio Masini, the construction companies SIR Costruzioni from San Giovanni in Marignano and Sem SRL with Bologna Builders Network, the director Nadia Vandi, teachers and children enthusiastically welcomed the new car park for access to the primary school, inaugurated this morning, but already in operation since the start of ugen. The project concerned via Pianventena, precisely in the section between the junction via Tempio Antico and the roundabout via Fornace Verni. The intervention area made it possible to reorganize a stretch of road of approx. 500 meters near the comprehensive institute of San Giovanni in Marignano. It affected a total area of ​​just over 10,000 square meters and transformed what used to be a thoroughfare, with two tracks in each direction, intended exclusively for cars near a very sensitive part of the country, into a new urban space located at. center of security for the weakest users. The intervention made the intersection via Longlaville safe, through the construction of a new roundabout, and rationalized the space, eliminated two of the four lanes and moved the two-way traffic on the lane opposite the schools. Through the conversion of the old road, which occupied an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters, it was possible to create the new parking area with 43 parking spaces, of which 2 for the disabled and 1 for the Local Police, for the service. of schools and residents.In addition to the renovation of a new urban space, where a small square was built in front of the school entrance, with color drawings on the ground. Through a paving operation that led to the elimination of some parts of the asphalt road that were no longer used, permeable sites were reclaimed for about 1,000 square meters of surface area (10% of the total surface area), allowing for an increase in greenery and planting of new trees.

A new platform was then built at the bus stop in the direction of Cattolica through the construction of a platform raised above road level to facilitate the ascent and descent of people from public transport. On the opposite side, at the stop in the direction of Morciano, the road surface was recovered by removing the green flower bed, which made the bus shelter difficult to access. The total work was 220,000 euros, fully funded by the municipal administration’s own funds.

Mayor Daniele Morelli states: “Schools are the image of a country that invests in its children’s future and sees school as a driving force for civilian progress. Our administration has embraced this vision for some time now, thanks to a path, which will materialize with the creation of the new Innovative School, which will see the light of day in a few months, but a school site does not only consist of one building, it is instead a more complex system that must find an answer in places that initially safe, but also beautiful, flexible and integrated with the territory.Therefore, the purpose of these works was to make the access space to the primary school secure, representing a vision for our country that is always safe and aware of the “weakest” road users, but above all for the needs of our children … What we have inaugurated today is a new space that is accessible to society, but also to the school and family world, with the hope that it will become a space for socializing and meeting in full security “.

Architects Arch. Claudio Masini states: “The goal of European and national policies (” National Road Safety Plan “) by 2020 was to halve the number of road fatalities recorded in 2010 (4,114) and to eliminate them for children and young people: road accidents and fatalities are slowly decreasing, but we are still far from the goal: the lower speed limit makes it possible to limit the risk of accidents (you can stop in time), the risk of more serious consequences is reduced and therefore it allows a better coexistence between vans, cars, bicycles and pedestrians. At 50 km / h there is only a 40% chance of safety, at 30 km / h more than 90% .We have recently witnessed tragic news stories related to safety in schools and we can not tolerate a child every 12. today lose life on the Italian roads.You can not accept to call these things “deaths” or “accidents” .Cautions must be taken to eliminate critical factors such as high speed and take any action that does not allows human error to have a serious or fatal outcome. That is why it is important to start with schools in order to redesign the public space in a safe, welcoming and livable way. Accident risk areas and times are actually access to schools, especially along busy roads or at times or along the roads where cars maneuver to accompany or get off children, grandchildren or friends to school. Often and unconsciously, minors are involved in dangerous situations. On the occasion of the mini-reform of the Traffic Act, which was introduced with the “simplification decree”, “school areas”, ie. an urban area near which buildings are used for school use where there is special protection. guaranteed pedestrians and the environment, delimited along the access roads by appropriate start and end signs. This guarantees greater autonomy for children, encourages alternative forms of travel, favors free play and socialization: all this will now be possible in this new space we have created “.

Councilor Gianluca Vagnini concludes: “Programming the transformation of a country like ours, from a place of rapid transit to a place of life and sociality, requires time and resources. On the one hand, we are pushing for roads that are suitable for cars outside the built-up area (work is underway on the expansion of via Brenta and work on the new roundabout on State Road 16 will start shortly), on the other hand we are implementing measures for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists such as f. eg one we inaugurated today .We are a small company, with distances that can be covered on foot and by bike, we must focus on strengthening and making bike and walking paths safe, so they become the first choice for travel ”.

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