Guardia di Finanza, the flag-raising ceremony with the children of the primary Garibaldi

In the run-up to the celebration of “Republic Day” on June 1 last year, it was held at the barracks dedicated to the “Underbrigadier Antonio Vaiani” – the headquarters of the Provincial Command and of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Fiamme Gialle in Bologna – the solemn flag-raising ceremony, in the presence of a large number of pupils from the primary school of the Istituto Comprensivo Statale n. 11 of Bologna.

The children, visibly moved, entered the barracks in an orderly manner accompanied by the principal – Dr. Paola Brogi and some teachers; here they were received with enthusiasm by a representative of the economic-financial police unit, and subsequently they were escorted to the barracks meeting room along with some children and relatives of soldiers on duty at headquarters.

After the initial greetings from the provincial chief – Gen. B. Gianluca Filippi, who thanked the headmaster and the other teachers, as well as sent a loving welcome to the over 90 students to whom he spoke about the legality and importance of respect for the rules, a short promotional cartoon was projected on the activities of the Guardia di Finanza in the various institutional sectors in which it operates, created by the Corps General Command, followed by the Chief of the Economic and Financial Police Unit – Col. t.ST Fabio Ranieri explained to the children the significance and the deep symbolic value of the celebration of “June 2” and answered the numerous pertinent questions asked by the students, all of whom expressed great attention and interest.

The head of the nuclear operations office – Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Mariella and the head of the command post in the vacant position – Captain Domanico Antonio Cice then illustrated, using films and slides, the history of tricolor and the authentic significance of flag raising, a ceremony that would see them ” protagonists “shortly thereafter.

The students then gathered in the parade ground, in a happy but comprehensible way, wearing green, white and red shirts that formed a real vibrant and festive flag. Around them were therefore lined up, in an ideal embrace, hundreds of soldiers in uniform. During the flag-raising, the children, aware of the solemnity of the moment, silently occupied the position of attention and sang literally to

on top of the lungs, the national anthem along with the financiers. It was an evocative and exciting moment that involved adults and children. At the end of the ceremony, the children took a seat on the large steps of the parade ground for a small refreshment, where they participated in a short carousel of cars from “117” driven by the “green berets” in the operational section ready for use in 2 the capital operations unit in the 2nd group and a demonstration of the anti-drug and cash dog units in the 2nd operational unit in the 1st group, coordinated by Mar. A. Fabio Micacchi. The boys were thus able to closely appreciate the extraordinary abilities of the dogs and their respective handlers, who are daily engaged in the search for drugs and currency illegally transported abroad, and often the result of illegal activities.

Finally, Colonel Ranieri, on behalf of all the financiers, children and teachers, to whom he wished to extend sincere congratulations on the education, calm and interest shown by their students, certainly also deserved by the passionate, delicate and demanding work that they performs every day at the school desks.

The initiative, promoted by the Provincial Command of the Guardia di Finanza in Bologna, is part of the celebration of the 76th anniversary of the proclamation of the Italian Republic and aims to help, even among the younger generations, promote respect for values. of “freedom, peace, equality and justice”, “principles of supreme reference for the citizens and the country”, as emphasized by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in the message of good wishes to the armed forces on the occasion of the anniversary.

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