EXCLUSIVE Peppe Di Stefano: “Wise and forward-thinking management, I carry Gattuso in my heart, a fundamental phase of the new RedBird project”

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In addition to being a great journalist, Peppe By Stefano he proved to be an extremely skilled communicator and last but not least a very helpful person in the interview he gave exclusively to Football news 24. Envoys Sky Sportsas for more than a decade he follows Milan on a daily basis and from 2018 as well nationalattended the event “Water in the mouth (but not too much)”now in its fifth edition, organized on Terme Tettuccio from Montecatini Terme by Simona Pedrelliin which he presented his book “Milanello, the house of the devil” (Cairo publishing house).

The original of Catania he gave himself to our microphones for an exclusive interview where he addressed various issues concerning the world Red-black: from the turning point in this cycle of Stefano Pegs to the managerial development of Paolo Maldinifrom the importance of Elliott for rebirth of Milano for the new project with Gerry Cardinal and the group RedBird Capital PartnersPeppe By Stefano presents a detailed analysis of the most popular topics at the moment Devilright from past, present and future.

Milan, celebration in Piazza Duomo

Peppe Di Stefano: “Renewal of the Pioli and Tonali goals with Lazio are the crucial moments, the management is good at finding the right balance”

Hi Peppe, First of all thank you and congratulations on the book, what was the turning point for this Elliott-branded AC Milan? When he started breathing a diving windor among the wonderful green of Milanello?
“In my opinion, that was the decisive moment for the project in Elliott’s last year the renewal of Stefano Pioli, two years ago after the match against Sassuolo, in the period just after the first lockdown. While if we talk about this year, the turning point was Sandro Tonali’s goal against Lazio, but Milan’s season certainly changed there.

From Scudetto to Scudetto: In these eleven long years, Milan have changed many managers, from Adriano Galliani to the couple Fassone Mirabelli, up to the current trio formed by the three M Maldini, Massara and Moncada. Why did you first start with Elliott following a linear and winning project that ended with the Scudetto’s victory?
“Because the current management has been good, he managed Milan wisely and foresighted, they looked at the accounts, but at the same time they observed the young talents present in the panorama. However, that’s not all that glitters, gold, as it was not quite bad before. The leaders were good at making the right mix, because only young people were not good, only old people were not good, and they were able to find the right balance. “

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Peppe Di Stefano: “Leonardo and Boban are fundamental to Maldini, Gattuso has remained in my heart”

How important were, like your mentors, the figures of Leonardo first and Zvonimir Boban later, for the growth of manager Paolo Maldini?
“Very, very much, because Paolo Maldini was not this in the beginning, Maldini was a great player in the beginning who approached being an executive, but when you are an executive, you have a different role, you work differently because you have to know the dates, you have to know the roles, the formulas, the laws, it’s a different world. He had time to learn first with Leonardo and then with Boban, and now he is able to walk on his own two feet. And his return was fortunate for Milan. “

Now, Peppe, I would like to ask a personal question: who is the player with whom you have established the most intense relationship in all these years since you were sent to Milanello?
“See, Rino Gattuso is a person who has remained in my heart, because he’s a real person, from the south like me, a very strong person, who did not underestimate anything, did not underestimate his teammates, the fans and not even the press, as sometimes the world players today do. Do not underestimate the press what it means, who has always had a special eye, who always understands the needs of our work, and that makes him a great person and a great man. “

Cardinal Gerry
Cardinal Gerry

Peppe Di Stefano: “The Milan brand does not depend on the results, but on the players who play there, RedBird project based on the new stadium”

I would like to end the interview with a question that is not about the past or even the present, but which is projected towards the future: is it a partnership between RedBird and Elliott? Or is Gerry Cardinal’s group ready to lead, or rather, to better protect Milan with their own legs?
“Elliott is stronger than RedBird because he has a portfolio of 40 billion euros, if I am not mistaken, while RedBird only has six billion. Elliott joined Milan by reflex because there were loans and they were there, then football wears you down, but at the same time exalts you and the Singer family, who until that moment had always been in the dark, were with incredible visibility thanks to football. Calcium becomes a drug. Saw them they stayed in Milan longer than they should and wanted. RedBird, on the other hand, bought Rossoneri because he has a clear plan, based on the stadium and on the improvement of the brand. Elliott bought AC Milan for € 750 million and has already resold them for € 1.2 billion, so the quality leap has already been taken. At this point the difference is made by the whole brand, Milan had not won in ten years, but if you go to Cameroon or Mexico, you will still find the kids with Kakàs shirts, then in a few years you will find them with the jersey of Ronaldo from Juventus, because the reflection always comes after some time. Milan has an international depth that does not depend on the results, but on the players who play there, in Japan or Korea they do not know if Milan played a draw with Empoli or lost against Atalanta, they know if they win the Scudetto, but they live it as faith more than us. There is a more political issue, they experience AC Milan in a different way. ”

So what will RedBird do?
RedBird wants to try to grow even more in the brand and brand trivial what it is: it posts on social media in all languages, makes video content that comes from all parts of the world, sells sponsorships, creates a single edition channel, as well as making the stadium, there are basics and besides doing a thousand, a thousand and a thousand other things. This will in my opinion be the difference, as we will see with RedBird. It’s not like Elliott could not buy Vlahovic, Elliott could do it, but that was not the goal because they took on an AC Milan that was in financial trouble four years ago and they followed their mission to the last. “

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How important is the new stadium then?
The new stadium is fundamental, Juventus have won almost ten league titles since the stadium did so. The new stadium allows you to work differently, allows you to create your own income. You can do the museum, the shop, a lot of commercial activities. I go to the stadium to work, but around the stadium there are three thousand restaurants, ten thousand playrooms for the kids, so you dad, who goes to watch the match at three in the afternoon, leaves home at ten, so you go to the children’s cinema at eleven, then you eat a sandwich at Mc Donald’s and then go to the stadium. And then maybe you go afterwards to “bambinopoli”, which is three meters away and spends a whole day where the game becomes one of many events that they do in England. “

In addition, I think, to strengthen the brand in everyday life, that Milan wants to be inspired by what has been done with the New York Yankees and the classic NY cap, now international. Do you agree?
Yes, you think that in Milan it is difficult to get to the San Siro by public transport. To me, it’s the most beautiful stadium in the world, but there’s nothing around it. If one day you go with your family, with your son, with your wife, you can do nothing. You see the game and walk away. It’s not like you can go to the cinema a quarter of an hour later or you can eat fish or make sushi. I’ve been this year at the Atletico Madrid stadium and around an empty area they built the stadium, which is about three hundred restaurants, cinemas, arcades. So if I was a fan of Atletico Madrid, I would say, but you know, this is where I go to watch the match, but I take my family with me, I can do many things, and I spend all day there. So everything changes. “

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