Dismaland: some gadgets from Banksy’s temporary installation of 2015 are up for auction

LOT 888
Banksy (Bristol, 1974)
Spray paint on road signs. 48 × 54.5 cm. Origin: London’s Private Collection. Accompanied by the rare and signed certificate of authenticity, with the number R & SD303608290, shown on the back of the work.

The Florentine auction house Gonnelli is preparing for the big summer auction of 904 lots dedicated toAntique, modern and contemporary art will be held on Wednesday the 8th, Thursday the 9th and Friday the 10th of June (in the house’s new headquarters via Fra ‘Giovanni Angelico)

We point out the small section, at the end of the catalog, dedicated to Street art. Present on the front row Banksy, the undisputed king of this sector. Two of his works, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, are the top lots in this section: “Road Sign” (lot 888) with a starting price of 1800 euros and “Wrong War” (lot 890) starting at 1500 euros. Belli “Is it possible to milk a dead rat?” from The Real Not Banksy (lot 893) which starts from a starting price of 500 euros and two works by Blub, Florentine street artists closing the catalog: Galileo Galilei And Petrus’ Jomfru Christ (lot 902 and 903, starting price 100 euros).

LOT 893
The Real Not Banksy[ Banksy (Bristol, 1974) ]IS IT POSSIBLE TO MILK A DEAD RAT? 2019.
Screen printing and paint for home use on cardboard. 500 × 420 mm. Bottom right Banksy stamp. On the back a pencil sketch, the red Not by Banksy by The Real Not Banksy Front stamp and the INNBAA-approved black ink stamp. Pencil version at the bottom right. Ex. 113/300. Work accompanied by Pest Control Certificate of Authenticity with fingerprints. Perfect conditions.
LOT 902
Blub, Florence
Offset. 340 × 340 mm (visible). Signed at the bottom left with black ink. On the back sticker they Blub #lartesanuotare. As one walks through the streets of Florence, one often encounters his wonderful stencils applied to the walls or to Enel’s paintings. Galileo is in via Pietrapiana, for example. In frame: 40 × 40.5 cm. Perfect conditions.

Interesting subsection dedicated to gadgets ofDismaland“, All accompanied by entrance tickets to the Amusement Park to certify their origin (lots 895 – 901) \. Dismaland was an event-performance exhibition conceived by Banksy which took place on the abandoned Tropicana Beach, Somerset, near Bristol, from 22 August to 27 September 2015; the project was attended by many world-famous artists, including Damien Hirst.

The name is a clear antithetical reference to Disneyland; the amusement park, which is the most beloved amusement park in the world, stands in stark contrast to the amusement park, which is the park that disorients itself. The direct reference to Disneyland is not accidental: a planetary emblem of a cultural hegemony that breeds from an early age by creating dreams and assurances that follow us more or less unconsciously throughout our lives, in political choices and consumption. But Dismaland it was not just a banal horror version of Disneyland; it was a deep and false fleeting condemnationwhich, however, had a short duration, but shook public opinion for much longer.

LOT 898
Banksy (Bristol, 1974)
2015. Stencil and ink on dollars. 65 × 155 mm. Stamp to the right: “Dismaland Amusement Park. A Banksy event “. Accompanied by the original entrance ticket to Dismaland, with QR code and barcode. The participant’s name has been deleted in the marker for privacy reasons. In elegant plexiglass rectangle with magnetic closure. Excellent preservation.

The only thing left of that experience are a few gadgets. The most coveted is still the black balloon with the words “I am an imbecile”, which could only be bought in a few moments of the day. The experience, deliberately unpleasant, begins with ordering tickets online, which due to the continuous blocking of the site is decidedly difficult. The employees working in Dismaland are deliberately sour and indifferent; this is the first major complaint that brings to the stories of some employees of Disneyworld Orlando or Disneyland Paris who may be fired immediately due to lack of smiles in today’s public: the concentration of good humor and lightheartedness in the feverden tales have not space for pollution given by the true emotions that each of us humanly feels during the day. The installations refer to more or less recent chronicle events. The wonderful, classic, bright and fairytale-like carousel of horses shows a man who has just slaughtered one and is sitting on some boxes of lasagna: The reference is to the Findus case, as the British Food Authority had found 60 pieces a few months earlier. % to 100% black horse meat in its frozen lasagna.

Then Dead Cinderella, coming out of his paparazzi cart, refers to the tragedy of Lady D; another Disney princess, Ariel, is placed at the entrance disfigured, as if undergoing video interference, in front of a dilapidated and run-down fairytale castle on a muddy pond, where a police car turned into an unlikely water slide for children. The smiling floating ducks that need to be captured to get points that allow you to get amazing gifts are actually smeared with oil, victims of the many organic massacres of recent years and the killer whale symbol on Seaworld is forced to jump in a circle that is too narrow, as too narrow.this is the tank he lives in for daily.

With Dismaland, Banksy turned his attention to migrant crisis in various installations; as a concrete act of solidarity, Banksy and the artists who joined the Dismaland project crossed the English Channel in the opposite direction, taking with them all the dismantled structures in Bemusement Park and reusing the materials to create more solid and welcoming structures. The initiative was called Dismal Aid.

The real irony that Banksy does not fail to point out is that the same structures, a few 10 kilometers away, have been able to generate millions of euros and now serve as a refuge for migrants. With the payment of a ticket to an amusement park, the reception of a migrant was in fact paid for.

Gonnelli Antikvitetsboghandel – Auction house
Via Fra ‘Giovanni Angelico 49 – 50121 Florence

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