“Culture is the tool for a different society that knows how to create myths”


by Arturo Calabrese

Among the candidates in Roberto Antonio Mutalipassi’s team, the name Pierluigi Iorio stands out. Member of the list “We are for Agropoli”, Iorio has a long struggle in the theater field both as an actor and as an administrator. In his syllabus we can actually read the artistic direction of the “Eduardo De Filippo” theater in Agropoli, he is responsible for the important posters proposed to the public but also much more throughout Italy. First step, why the candidacy? I think it is a natural path, especially if one wants to cultivate this city further from a cultural point of view. I do not need politics to establish myself or to find a job, I have already done my own thing with sacrifice and sacrifice, but I think I can make an extra contribution to public affairs, thanks to the experience I have have gained in the professional field. What contribution are you talking about? Agropoli has a huge cultural heritage, consisting mainly of structures of great value, but they must be filled with content. In light of this simple reasoning, I came up with a strategic plan for culture. We must improve and rebuild what I call the four cardinal points of Agropol culture. The Angevin-Aragonese castle, the art palace, the cinema and the oven. From north to south, from east to west, Agropoli has a large open-air cultural center to work at full capacity, even with the numerous associations present in the city. The commitment of the administration must be a lot, but it is not enough. Funds provided by supra-municipal bodies must be intercepted and used in the best possible way to ensure that these structures are alive. Various events such as the concert, the theatrical performance, the presentation of the book are welcome, but we must move on. We need to launch initiatives to bring young people back to culture. Today, they have myths, but they are false myths, and it’s time for us adults to intervene. The role of the school must, as always, be fundamental, but I am sure we can do more. This is the responsibility of the public body, and should I be elected, it will be my goal. There is a dangerous impoverishment, without the fault of the young, and we adults must do everything to reverse this trend. In recent days, you have been in the middle of a strong controversy that you would have used a phone number attached to the theater, of which you are artistic director, for election propaganda … I’m glad to have my say, because it all is false. The number used is mine, issued to Pierluigi Iorio and used by me for all forms of communication. I use it to communicate with subscribers or for any other kind of information. I’ve been exposed to a lot of attacks on social networks for all of this, and I know there have also been those who have reported the news on blogs or local news sites. I was very sorry because I did not do anything illegal and in any case the election propaganda is carried out by everyone and in the same way. There has been a polemic about nothing that could have been avoided, but I understand that in the election campaign they also do it to find visibility. I did not expect such savagery. Also in terms of culture, the PNRR tool can be interesting. What do you think? Running a theater has given me a lot of experience. With the necessary distinctions, there are many similarities with managing a municipality. In the theater, for example, programs are built over three years. For example, when I present a project to the Region, I focus it on the next three years. This must also be done with the Palazzo di Città: planning that goes further and has an eye for the future. It’s about planning a medium- and long-term goal. The National Plan for Restart and Resilience raises large sums for the cultural sector, both for the intangible and for the concrete. There are funds for the show, very important during this period of return to the theater, cinema and live performances, but also for the structures. It all lies in knowing how to draw a strong and competitive project that can be funded. It will not be easy, it is undoubtedly, but my experience in the sector will be of great help to me and I will also be able to lead a working group. Culture is not only the economic driving force of this country and it will be our duty to strengthen it. The culture of new ideas also goes through here.

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