As our readers know, this is first and foremost a cultural column that loves to be inspired by the great thinkers and then lets itself be guided like Dante with Virgil through the intricate labyrinth of social and human dynamics. Therefore, today we will bother Immanuel Kant and Collodi, as we will ask to borrow some explanatory pictures that came out of the cylinder in their radiant minds. In a completely different context, Kant formulates the following concept: “If a blind decree or an irrational will governs the affairs of the world, it is useless to ask ourselves why this happens: the function of reason is made superfluous”.

Anyone who looks at the proposed location of the “Communal Houses” in Val D’agri will immediately understand that the plot has been completely neglected.

Two houses within a few kilometers, one in Sant’Arcangelo and one in Corleto Perticara, and the rest of the valley without service. When one then experiences that the mayors have been called to take a stand on such delicate and strategic issues for the protection of a population’s health, and that these have been the results, one immediately thinks of the land of toys, where everything is a party and participants have a long tail and ears and bray instead of speaking. Let’s start with geography: the Agri Valley, a wonderful country, stretches from a geopolitical and service point of view from Marsiconuovo to Sant’Arcangelo about 70 kilometers away. Unofficially, it is divided into the upper and lower Val D’Agri.

Samfundshuset, on the other hand, is part of the reform with which the government intends to create a clear separation between hospital and emergency medicine and territorial medicine and does so with the decrees DM70 and DM71. The House of Commons is a piece of what is called territorial medicine, which is granted very specific rights, first and foremost proximity: “it is the physical reference point of the society in which it insists”.

We do not believe that 70 km can satisfy the concept of proximity. We believe that we can not talk about local medicine when half the population of an area risks being excluded on the basis of illogical criteria from a service that provides for networking between all family doctors’ acts with the sole purpose of allowing a correct contact the patient who goes to that place at any time of the day or night for a health or social care need.

Such a polarization of service creates an inconvenience and in some cases a real barrier to entry for citizens in the central and upper Val d’Agri without adding anything to them in the lower Val D’Agri, for which the presence, according to ministerial indications of a single structure would be more than sufficient to meet the needs. The advantages of a well-organized Fælleshus, which guarantees a medical and nursing service H24 with the presence of general practitioners and H12 specialists six days a week, the possibility of performing ultrasound examinations, electrocardiograms and spirometries and which can count on a direct line with the hospital structures and emergency rooms.

A service that provides for the simultaneous presence of a social worker, psychologists, nurses, specialists and family doctors for the interdisciplinary treatment of the chronic patient without the need to go through hospital and local outpatient clinics, unless it is really necessary. Think about the benefit of being able to receive adequate assistance in real time without contacting the Cup, which today, precisely because of the lack of a filter, is forced to schedule visits on dates that are not compatible with health protection. Territorial medicine translates into prevention, early diagnosis, disease monitoring, integration with other services such as nursing, psychological and social assistance. Translated into languages ​​that are understandable to all, a patient in Samfundshuset will find an immediate response to their health needs with an appropriate diagnostic framework, specialist support, the opportunity to send to PS or the reference hospital with the ambulance service in the garrison or even, as in most cases , home surveillance takes place.

It is worth noting that the Community Hospital was rejected to Val D’Agri, which would even have allowed admission to the sheltered care of patients for whom hospitalization is not foreseen as they are not in the acute phase.

We wonder if these gentlemen, who are institutionally entrusted with the quality of our lives and the management of state money, have the slightest idea of ​​the task they have to wait for, namely to provide increasingly efficient services by optimizing existing resources and minimize waste and if they are aware that certain choices can not be separated from the involvement of experts, who must be left to plan and implement the services.

he undresses to become a trapeze artist and then tames lions, perhaps he has had his day as it is the citizens who pay for political incompetence.

A good administrator should have programming skills, monitoring expenses, political direction and not dare to make risky decisions by improvising himself as a tourism entrepreneur, expert in health policy, transport, etc .: it is time to evaluate the work of policy based on the results it produces . We wonder why an elderly person in the SYD area, who is discharged from the hospital outside the doctor’s opening hours, should be able to receive a prescription for medicines or a doctor’s certificate, as they can choose between two health homes located a few kilometers away and one resident in a municipality upstream of the dam, he must travel 100 km round trip or wait until the next day.

Perhaps someone has escaped the possibility that a general practitioner, after completing the study period provided for in the four-hour convention for maximalists, can close the office and turn off the phone, guaranteeing the continuity of the benefit from the Assembly House. In summary, the spirit of the decree was to provide citizens with a 24-hour “local medicine” and “local medicine” service.

We are now in the situation where a patient living in the municipalities of Marsiconuovo, Paterno, Marsicovetere, Tramutola, Viggiano, Moliterno, Sarconi, Montemurro, Spinoso, despite having the right and opportunity to easily get a communal house located on a reason. available from all these municipalities will have to go to Corleto Perticara or Sant’Arcangelo to get prescriptions or a social and health service.

It is all too obvious that such a shift in service cannot guarantee the benefits of subsidiary medicine in the field, of the medicine that addresses the citizen and takes care of all the problems that do not relate to the acute phase of the disease, a prerogative. of which last of the emergency rooms and hospitals. With all good will, no matter which side one looks at it, there is not a shred of rationality in this election, but above all, the spirit and dictates of DM71 have been betrayed, which requires the establishment of a social and health care system closely. on. to the citizen.

But let’s not forget that in this region the offices boast in the parades and in the meetings that hide the ears and the tail under hats and designer clothes. But the decisions made in secret places lead to results that are clear to everyone and speak for themselves.

To return to Kant, the primacy of practical reason is the primacy of action permeated by reason. In the land of toys, reason hangs on the nail like the long ears stuck to the heads of certain politicians.

Everything is small negotiations: I give you something at the expense of tens of thousands of citizens, as a frieze to your negotiating force, and you owe me a favor. An old policy made by miserable, old merchants, motionless, whose names make one shudder when they are still printed in epigraphs next to the offices they hold. These characters have been the protagonists of the misery, disaster, and state of backwardness in which our territory finds itself.

We just have to hope for the coming of a good Jesus who will restore dignity to the temple of politics by chasing them away with the whiff of culture and morality, their mortal enemies. We end with Kant, who patiently helped us in this journey in the dirt of a certain Lucanian politics, who said when we talked about philosophy to philosophers: we must get rid of knowledge in order to establish morality.

In our case, it is enough to uncover the heads to make the donkey’s ears prick up and make people understand that morality guarantees everyone, and that the superficiality, ignorance, bad faith of certain administrators will fall like a clover on the neck of each of us. , which creates a state of permanent hardship for a society that is already enduring endless hardships.

Everything is done by spending public money unnecessarily and outside the logic that produced these loans, by adopting criteria that go beyond any political and administrative logic. This is demonstrated by the fact that in the light of 12 proposed community houses, according to the prevailing division logic, 17 were awarded to the detriment of the economic endowment of the same, which instead did not take place in nearby Campania, where it apparently reigns, in the middle of so many difficulties, programming and rationality.

For today we need to establish yet another black ribbon on the arm as a sign of grief over the immense chance of growth killed by the usual well-known functionaries.

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