clashes in the ministry, the director of Bianchi- resigns

from Gianna Fregonara

Even before the strike on 30 May, the new rules for the teaching profession and continuing education created dissatisfaction. Minister: delicate situation

C ‘maretta in the Ministry of Education. Since April last year, it has been submitted to the Council of Ministers the reform of access to the profession for teachers in middle and high schools, together with the new rules for in-service teacher training; already assumed that the situation has become glowing. It is a delicate moment, admits Minister Patrizio Bianchi, who is drawn into the middle of everyone and who hears himself repeat that the last reform attempt, The Good School, has been broken precisely on the question of teachers, about the slightly summary attempt on introducing education and careers. It is perhaps for this reason that Bianchi explains that in order to request the reform this time directly the European Commission, that the question written in Pnrr.


A trade union strike – on May 30 – had been considered. But the protest against the now famous decree 36 – which is now being debated in parliament – brought together all the unions for the first time since the Draghi government. What Bianchi had not anticipated was resignation of his legal adviser for the relationship with trade unions and for the management of the contract, the process of which has just begun. Mario Ricciardi, also from Emilia, former president of Aran, longtime collaborator of MIUR as well as professor of labor relations in Bologna, he left his post as right-hand man (free) of the minister the day after the council meeting of ministers firing the reform proposal. The work, led by Bianchi Luigi Fiorentino’s chief of staff along with the Palazzo Chigi task force led by Giavazzi and Leonardi, did not correspond to the address he had presented to the unions earlier this year. The point of disagreement that Ricciardi explained to his interlocutors is that education and career are matters that must be regulated partly by law and partly fall under contractual relations. And the rules in the decree – which already had several versions before it came – are not the ones that had been worked on in recent months.

The rules

With regard to access to a career, the decree determines one year of training to achieve 60 university points (today there are only 24, and they are often a formality) with a path that will be guided by the high school along with the universities. For continuing education – which is the most innovative and controversial point – the decree stipulates that it is voluntary and that 40 per cent. of those who implement the courses with the best grades are rewarded with a one-time bonus. An earlier version, which did not pass the Ministry of Finance’s investigation, instead provided an acceleration of the shots for those who successfully completed a three-year training cycle. Not only that, in order to make ends meet, the reform is at least formally funded with a reduction in the workforce from 2026 justified by the real decline in the number of students due to the demographic decline. A rule that had risked making the situation explode so much that Bianchi and Daniele Franco, in an attempt to stop the protests, had written an unusually joint statement in which they pledged to ensure that all savings in terms of staff reductions would be reinvested in the school world. Bianchi defends himself by listing the appointments since the minister: We hired 57,100 teachers in 2021, 63,000 this year and 70,000 in 2024. This government is making a series of appointments never made before, he said in Turin on the sidelines of the international festival . of Finance Tuesday, May 31st. On the fate of Decree 36, Bianchi convinced that noThere is no room for major changes in the Folketing, and it probably will. But, as recent reforms have taught us, it did not say a single time

is law then becomes reality: still much easy to stop them before they are even applied.

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