Alpine A110 S, a mini-supercar that drives like a go-kart

TO THE ORIGIN OF THE BEAUTIFUL GUIDE – Who knows how many times you’ve heard it, the saying of those who know enough about engines and have more than a few white hairs in their heads: “To have fun, with today’s cars, you need a lot of horsepower, driving is too much filtered … “. And so on, with the electronics putting the mechanics more and more in the background, punctually ending up depriving the pilot of the right thing fun to drive. Fortunately, beyond age, for people like this, there are still machines likeAlpine A110. Not the vintage, however, the undisputed queen of rallies in the late 60s and 70s and today a fetish within reach of a few, wealthy collectors, but today.

300 HP OF PURE JOY – The beautiful coupe, which in 2017 inaugurated the rebirth of the historic brand founded by Jean Rédélé in 1955, is today renewed especially under the skin, fell in three versions, all with different character in the nuances and yet equally effective in conveying the philosophy of purity at the bottom of the original model. Among the three productions, A110, A110 GT And A110 S, the latter is undoubtedly the one most dedicated to the pursuit of maximum performance, the – if we will – less “tame”. The alpine also knows what it is talking about and says it clearly. We who have recently tried it up and down the ups and downs of the Consuma Pass, surrounded by greenery among vineyards and olive groves stretching out on the hills between Florence and Arezzo, can only confirm. Adrenaline? Rivers. Emotions? Very strong, of those that are hard to put on paper. So let’s start by giving some technical data. With the benefit of an optimization of the electronic control of the engine, the four-cylinder 1.8 turbo petrol is fromAlpine A110engine inherited from Renault Mégane RS (here to find out more), when 300 HP: a force that is not exaggerated, but just right, more than enough to devour the asphalt in quick bites and have fun without the slightest risk of experiencing that kind of “cock” in the stomach, as motorists from foot-tongue they could also complain of squeezing the normal A110, which of horses has about fifty fewer horses.

EXUBERANT ENGINE, LIGHT AND REFINED FRAME – The engine therefore passed with full character. Especially for the readiness and profit of the votes. In terms of sound, it’s always a pleasant surprise to hear a turbo four-cylinder in-line sing with a voice so full and powerful. The turbo comes very early, just over 2000 rpm, and continues to push like crazy to over 6,000 when the maximum torque is practically still available. This means that you hurry from one corner to the other without the slightest hesitation, and also thanks to a very light and artfully modified frame right where it is needed, which almost adjusts them, the stretches of road that bend to the left and right. By taking advantage of all the available asphaltAlpine A110 it becomes a kind of razor that sews simply unimaginable tracks when traveling at a fast pace on a road car. The profit, we said, is largely due to the 96% aluminum chassis made in Italy by Cecomp of Piobesi, a stone’s throw from Turin, where it has been improved by recalibrating the springs, now 50% stiffer, and the heeling rods. , which is hollow, allows you to save precious kilos, and stops the balance needle of just over 1,100 kg in running order.

MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND WHO IS OWNING IMMEDIATELY – Check‘Alpine A110 S er all in all easy, although before giving her the confidence that it would also be spontaneous to reserve her, for how much confidence she instills even in the most “excited” circumstances, it is good to take precautions with her potential, huge if it is calibrated to the average motorist. When you press the accelerator all the way down, the car sprays like a wet soap: It only takes 4.2 seconds for those who need a Porsche 911 to break through the 100 km / h barrier from a standing start. With exchange Getrag double-clutch robotized with seven gears, so the gear changes are honestly difficult moments to turn while the tachometer goes crazy towards red zone and the back just will not detach from the seat. Small flaw: in the modalities Normal And Sport It may happen that the transmission control unit does a little bit in its own way, automatically going up or down in the gears. A “disadvantage” that can be easily dribbled by pressing Track buttonor rather by inserting the most extreme driving mode, the one in practice where the electronic stability control leaves a lot of room for initiative for the pilot, who only intervenes if the dangerous temptation to challenge the laws of physics should arise.

ALWAYS TRAVEL AT BOR – Whip Alpine A110 S it is a continuous challenge without winners or losers, as long as you know how to interpret the information sent in a very fast order to the driver. That suspensions, of the double triangle type both front and rear, filters the imperfections of the asphalt well and never “breaks” the back. Combined with 215/40 R18 tires at the front and 245/40 at the rear, they can virtually reset the filters between the rider and the road. A big hand, in this sense, he gives too steering: with a reduction ratio of 13: 1, it is very fast and accurate at small angles; to cope with the curves you almost never have to move your hands on the steering wheel, an operation that is easy and very comfortable in any case, given the perfect three-spoke design and the Alcantara coating of the crown. The stability is also impressive: you always drive on the rails and only “provoke” the rear axle, overdo it with the accelerator with unadjusted wheels, it can happen that the tail expands a little too much and you have to straighten the track. That the balance is outstanding even in the most intense deceleration phases, and hearing the car crawl like a cat, during the most powerful braking, makes you immediately understand what it means (and how much confidence it instills) to be able to count on such a high performance braking system .

IT GIVES YOU WINGS – To keepAlpine A110 S the glue for the road also contributes with the Aero Kit, an aerodynamic package that can be ordered on request, which includes a front splitter, a specific undercarriage plate that helps channel the airflow to the rear exhaust, and a rear spoiler, all in visible carbon fiber. At maximum speed, which is 275 km / h, the generated downforce is 60 kg on the nose and 81 kg on the tail, a total of 141 kg. It is therefore impossible to leave. Although the feeling of flying on the asphalt surface, fortunately it never disappears.

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