all the funds for Case della Salute are there

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The governor rejects some reconstructions on social networks and chats and guarantees: “Only the funding channels changed”

Published on: 06/04/2022 – 18:14

Beware of fake news: all the funds for Case della Salute are there

CATANZARO “A fake news is circulating on social media and on some whatsapp chats, according to which the Calabria region – no one knows why – has canceled the resources for the transformation of some structures into health homes. Nothing more fake!”, Said the president of Calabria- region, Roberto Occhiuto. “The nursing home projects – Occhiuto continues – all remain standing and represent a priority for my regional government, and for this reason we have acted to secure funding to build them, which we would otherwise have lost by the end of 2022. We have simply changed the tools to raise these funds. Before it was Pac, now it’s in Por: but essentially nothing will change and we will actually have more time to spend that money. Technical explanation, for the less practical … The health centers are regularly engaged in measure 9.3.8 by Por Calabria, while they were previously assigned to Pac 07-13, which took care of the construction of the works by 31 December 2022 By performing this operation instead we will have the opportunity to use the resources made available until 31 December 2027. It is obvious – specifies the governor – that the resources on CAP 07-13 – find Case della salut other coverage on Por Calabria – has been disconnected and made available for other regional activities. In the decree on the commitment of the Por resources, the subsequent decree on the withdrawal of the resources of the common agricultural policy was envisaged, which was implemented in February 2022. In addition, in the decree on closure 2242/2022, on p. 2, decree 8630/2021 is explicitly mentioned, whereby ‘the project for the regional health network for a maximum amount of 48,952,332 euros was raised to finance the 9.3.8 action of Por Calabria Fesr Fse 2014/2020, 43’. Shortly said. The money – Occhiuto concludes – is all there, only the financial instruments have changed, there has been no setback in the Region, and the projects for the Health Housing are more strategic than ever for our administration. Forward, with determination ».


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