So young, so mothers | Vanity Fair Italy

This article was published in the 22/23 edition of Vanity Fair in newsagents until June 7, 2002

Giulia she found out she was pregnant because her mother asked her why she had stopped asking for bandages for some time. Had Sixteen years and a girlfriend she was (and still is) very much in love with, Francesco. “That afternoon, my mother had already booked an appointment with me at the gynecologist, she imagined everything, I did not. In front of that doctor, I discovered that I had a small dot in my stomach. “. Giulia’s facial line is defined by her long black hair, her mere twenty years today are rediscovered in her eyes and smile. It is in the movement of her hands that her as a mother comes out with arrogance. Giulia was never in doubt about her pregnancy, she knew she would have given birth to that baby, even though everyone around her told her it would be a mistake. “We have never used precautions during intercourse. The only ones who wanted it from the beginning were always Francesco and I. Even though we knew nothing about how our lives would change. “After announcing to their families the choice to become parents, they took a period only for them and isolated themselves for a few days.

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