competition for kindergarten teachers

New job opportunities in Emilia Romagna thanks to the competition for teachers in the kindergarten organized by the municipality of Bologna.

The selection is aimed at the formulation of one location and employment through employment contracts is provided a indefinite and time-limited – C / 1.

The deadline for submitting an application for admission expires on d June 23, 2022. Here is all the useful information to apply for and the message to download.


To participate in the competition for teachers from the municipality of Bologna, the following is required generic requirements:

  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of states belonging to the European Union or citizenship of third countries under the conditions laid down in the notice and in the law;
  • age at least 18 years. According to para. 1 letter. g) of art. 26 of the Regulations on the General Organization of Offices and Services, the maximum age limit for participation in the elections to the first inclusion in the “Kindergarten Teacher” rankings of the Municipality of Bologna. For those who are already included in the ranking for “Kindergarten teacher” in Bologna Municipality, or who have already served for Bologna Municipality with the same professional profile, the aforementioned age limit does not apply, and the limit is therefore equal to age set in the current rules for retirement (65 years);
  • the enjoyment of civil and political rights also in the States of origin or origin;
  • the regularity of military service obligations for Italian nationals covered by this obligation;
  • physical fitness for use;
  • non-existence of provisions in a public administration for dismissal or exemption from employment or dismissal;
  • the non-existence of criminal convictions, pending criminal proceedings or security or preventive measures that prevent the establishment of employment relationships with the public administration;
  • not to have been dismissed by a public administration for not passing the probationary period for the same profile selected for selection;
  • absence of convictions relevant to the post to be filled, and in particular absence of convictions for the offenses referred to in Articles 600-bis, 600-ter, 600-quater, 600 quinquies and 609-undecies of the Criminal Code or the imposition of sanctions prohibiting the pursuit of activities involving direct and regular contact with minors.


In addition, from the position to be filled, one of the following qualifications is crucial:

  • PhD or master’s degree (including the diploma from the psychopedagogical high school) obtained within the school year 2001/2002;
  • Degree in primary education, specialization in kindergarten;
  • Single-cycle master’s degree in elementary school science (class LM-85 bis).


It should be noted that reserve of space up to 40% in favor of staff in possession of the service requirements matured for the municipality of Bologna.


The selected teachers perform the following activities:

  • management of communication and relational processes;
  • planning, programming, realization of pedagogical didactic activities;
  • activation of flexible organizational methods;
  • knowledge of symbolic-cultural systems to translate children’s potential into skills using appropriate teaching methods;
  • organizing the conditions for the use of appropriate techniques to ensure the inclusion of children with disabilities or with socio-cultural disadvantages;
  • development and enrichment of the “didactic culture”;
  • promotion of pedagogical didactic continuity in transitional moments between different pedagogical contexts (nursery, kindergarten and primary school).


The selection procedure in connection with the competition for infants in the municipality of Bologna will take place on the basis of the following three stages:

  • written test;
  • qualification evaluation;
  • oral examination.

That topics which the tests will focus on is shown in the message below.


Application for access to the public competition must only be submitted per telematic procedureby connecting to this page and selecting the relevant executive order no later than 12.00 June 23, 2022.

When filling out the application form, please attach documentation listed below:

  • scanning of receipt of the competition fee, of the size of € 10.00to be paid according to the methods explained in the Executive Order;
  • FORM (PDF 86 KB) of qualifiable qualifications;
  • curriculum vitae, preferably in European format (in any case not subject to evaluation);
  • scanning of valid identity document, dated and signed, for candidates who Does not submit the application with digital signature or digitally signed application file for candidates who submit the application with digital signature.

All further information on how to complete and submit the application for entry in the competition can be found in the announcement, which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.


Candidates for the competition for teachers in the kindergarten in Bologna Municipality are encouraged to carefully read the relative NOTICE (PDF 208 KB), published in excerpts in Official Gazette no. 41 of 24-05-2022.


Subsequent announcements regarding the selective tests and the ranking will be published on the website of the Municipality of Bologna, section “Transparent administration> announcements of competitions”.


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