Transport strike and school strike May 30, 2022, where and why

One strike organized by the unions will involve the transport sector and the school on Monday 30 May, here are the areas and times.

Transport strike May 30, 2022

A day of strikes that of Monday, May 30th, where many nuisances are expected. Throughout Tuscany one is actually expected general strike in the transport sector which will relate to the Tuscan bus lines which last 24 hours. The strike, convened by the unions Cobas Lavoro Privato and Fast Slm Confsal, will involve different races in the different areas of the region. In particular, the service is not guaranteed at the following times:

Piombino And Lily ø from 8.31 to 12.29 and from 15.31 at the end of the service;
Pistoia from 8.46 to 12.44 and from 16.31 at the end of the service;
Montecatini from 8.31 to 11.59 and from 15.01 at the end of the service;
Livorno, Elba Island and Montenero cable car from 9.31 to 11.59 and from 15.01 at the end of the service;
Pisa from 9 to 16.59 and from 20 at the end of the service;
Lucca from 8.31 to 11.59 and from 15.01 at the end of the service;
Massa-Carrara from 9.01 to 16.59 and from 20.01 at the end of the service.

School strike May 30, 2022

It will interest all of Italy and not just one region school strikealways wanted 30. May by Flc Cgil, Cisl School, Uil School, Snals Confsal and Gilda Unams. The lessons will inevitably be in jeopardy on this date and the unions will be on the streets of Rome to make their voices heard. The protest arose due to lack of response from the government to the request of the trade unions to amend Legislative Decree 36, which relates education and recruitment by the faculty recently approved by the Executive Board.

The unions have justified their decision as follows: “The rigidity of the Ministry with regard to the issues raised did not allow for this we have decided to start a process of strong protestwith various forms of mobilization, not excluded voting strikeand widespread information from school staff “.

Including too requests from unions and reported at the reference sites:

  • removal from the decree of all matters of a contractual nature;
  • the immediate start of negotiations on the renewal of the contract, which expired three years ago, as a new three-year contract has already begun;
  • implementation of resources to achieve equalization of salaries for school staff with other civil servants with equal qualifications and training qualifications and the progressive approach to the remuneration of European colleagues;
  • implementation of resources for reviewing and customizing Ata profiles;
  • elimination of excessive bureaucracy in teachers’ work;
  • the return of the training of all school staff to the area of ​​competence of school autonomy and the teaching staff;
  • revision of the current parameters for allocating staff to schools for teaching, training and ATA staff;
  • reduction of the number of students per grade;
  • containment of the size of the educational institutions within the limit of nine hundred students per. school;
  • specific methods of recruiting and stabilizing historically consolidated staff in the de facto staff, overcoming the existing precarious situation based on precarious workers with 3 or more years of service;
  • simplified procedures for those with significant work experience, access to the role and qualification paths;
  • providing exceptional staff at the school to handle emergencies related to the ongoing pandemic and the reception of students from war zones in the 2022-23 school year;
  • reintroduction of supply in 2013;
  • the guarantee of the presence of a technical assistant in each school in the first cycle;
  • the discipline in the renewal by the CCNL of the criteria for mobility with the removal of restrictions imposed by law;
  • increasing the staff of school partners by 2,288 units under the ministerial obligation;
  • the opening of the competition is reserved for administrative assistants acting as DSGA with three years’ service in the function, even if they do not have a specific qualification (in the new as2022 / 23, 30% of the posts will be vacant);
  • issuance of the competition notice for DSGA;
  • the simplification of administrative procedures to free secretariats from inappropriate tasks (pensions, career reconstruction, school rankings) by re-internalizing those relating to school administration;
  • the revision of the ATA Compensation Regulation;
  • the recognition of the status of the implementation of the economic positions.

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