Cerveteri, Anna Lisa Belardinelli meets representatives of associations and culture

“One of the goals of our program is the creation of a multifunctional cultural center”

The mayoral candidate Anna Lisa Belardinelli met with representatives of the world of culture at the headquarters of her nomination committee. In the presence of the many participants, he presented the main principles of his program. All categories of artists and many cultural associations were represented. He introduced his speech by emphasizing that culture is one of the cornerstones of his program as it represents an essential sector of the social and civil growth of society. He was keen to clarify with determination that his administration will work with sector technicians on the development and implementation of projects, both with its own funds and with private parties. The essential steps in his and his team’s work will be: pro Loco for the coordination of local activities and their active participation in events organized independently and by the municipal administration Support for cultural associations and artists to promote quality cultural events to be held in the Cerveteri and also in the villages setting up a multifunctional cultural center to host events throughout the year around and not just in the summer.

The creation of an archeological university pole that allows and encourages the influx of students and trainees from outside the province and from abroad, dedicated to the restoration and improvement of the Necropolis’ Unesco heritage.

Establishment of an archive of the area’s artists and cultural associations, to be updated from year to year, to ensure the presence and operation of the area, rich in unspoken and submerged potential, to promote and encourage all forms of support for educational institutions and constant interaction with school leaders, teachers and school representatives with a view to realizing cultural and educational projects and activities related to knowledge of the territory and its enormous cultural heritage.

Creation of thematic itineraries that allow you to admire the area’s many attractions (historical, archaeological, environmental) Establishment of the figure of delegates for art and UNESCO delegates, guaranteeing structuring and maximum publicity of the organized events. The establishment of a Municipal Theater, where all the artistic realities will be accommodated with an annual programming, and which will be available to the schools. Anna Lisa Belardinelli, after briefly explaining the activities she intends to develop over the years of her mandate, asked those present to intervene to express their views on the shortcomings of the past and to express the proposals and projects they would have liked to have completed in terms of the events and the events of the future.

The attendees confirmed the lack of a place where they can gather and where they can exhibit the artists’ works.

The lack of opportunity to meet has created the spread in the territory of the potential and local resources, the individual presentation of projects and proposals has not found answers in the previous administration, leaving few opportunities to conduct cultural events with local artists and always the few have had the opportunity to use the existing spaces. ù

Anna Lisa Belardinelli reaffirmed the need, while awaiting the construction of a multifunctional cultural center, to use the already existing spaces, which can be used by all associations and artists, in a more rational way. A different use of the large spaces in Granarone and the library could be the answer to this shortcoming. It will be possible to arrange exhibitions of the artists and the various art forms, who will take turns presenting their works to the public with weekly and fortnightly daily appointments.

Lectures on various topics in civil and social life as well as cultural life and book presentations will enrich the annual calendar.

Those present lamented the disappearance of traditional festivals and events, which could be restored and enriched with the presence of exhibitions by artists, including street musicians, located in the streets of the historic center. The mayoral candidate recalled that at a previous meeting, the presidents of the districts had also reported on the lack of planning and the administration’s use of basic local activity, which was always requested at the last minute and not adequately evaluated or financially supported. The recognition of the districts had been requested with a municipal regulation and a delegate to the districts for a more constant relationship between them and the administration.

The attendees enthusiastically welcomed the proposal to create the archive for artists and cultural associations with their annual update. The mayoral candidate reminded that in the past there was a hearing that could be reactivated.

Courses and events could be organized for the disabled, for the elderly and for school children, creating the right synergy between public and private to raise funds. The deterioration of the existing historical works was reported and there was a unanimous request for a building regulation of the historic center that does not allow the drastic renovation of the old houses. For the urban decoration, themed murals inspired by the city’s traditions in the historic center could be created.

The creation of a historical archive of the city and its documents was requested to keep the historical monument alive and also a museum of contemporary art with the presence of works by all local artists.

Some artists were asked to set up a commission of experts who would evaluate the various projects to avoid being entrusted to unqualified people, which happened in the past.

Everyone agreed on the need for event planning and the planning of the needs of the various artistic sectors-

The meeting with the representatives of the culture gave interesting and concrete results. There were many interventions on the shortcomings encountered in the past, and just as many proposals to be implemented for the future. A strong synergy was created between the guests and the mayoral candidate, who listened carefully and recorded all the stories without missing anything. Confirmation of his desire to reassess the artistic potential of the territory that would find space and times to function with a rational planning that would cover the entire year and not just the summer.

At the end of the meeting, there was an exchange of certificates of esteem and sympathy, which was the natural consequence of having breathed and lived in a climate characterized by mutual listening and respect.

Coalition of Mayor Anna Lisa Belardinelli

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