Car incentives 2022, the bonus of 5000 € starts! Request it now!

Car incentives 2022 are finally underway. From 25 May, the booking of the new car bonus of up to 5000 euros has started: everyone will be able to access discounts designed for the purchase of a new car or motorcycle, not necessarily by scrapping an old vehicle in possession and without financial and income constraints, including ISEE.

The many waitsThe 2022 car incentives have arrived: yesterday, May 25, 2022, the reservation of the bonuses was started from the platform provided by the Ministry of Economic Development.

The Draghi government has a loan of 650 euros to cover the entire measure this year. However, be careful not to confuse things because the booking from the platform has nothing to do with the use ofl Citizen car bonus of 5000 euros.

Access to the platform was in fact granted only to authorized car dealers and dealersthe only ones authorized to book incentives to be distributed to buyers.

Meanwhile, the Draghi government seems willing to review the necessary requirements to be able to apply for the 5,000 euro car bonus. Any change could smooth out the limits of access to the 2022 car incentives, but without affecting the size of the rebate or breakdown by vehicle emission classes.

Without wasting any more time, let’s see right away what are the latest available updates on 2022 car incentives, how to request it and the individual amounts for the car bonus up to a maximum amount of 5,000 euros.

Car incentives 2022, 5000 euro bonus starter. Click day completed. Here is the first phase

The Prime Minister’s decree on car incentives 2022 was published in the Official Journal last year May 16, 2022. From that date, the 5,000 euro car bonus is officially in force.

One therefore wonders whether the various concessions when buying a new car or motorcycle (with or without scrapping) are already available. Let us immediately resolve this doubt: the car bonus without ISEE up to 5000 euros is not yet available to citizensbut it will be soon.

Yesterday’s click day only concerned the dealers who were interested in the initiative. These were able to reserve not only the car incentives in 2022 but also those relating to commercial vehicles and the motorcycle bonus up to 4000 euros.

As provided in the previous section, the financial allocation from the Draghi government amounts to 650 million euros: 220 million is aimed at those who want to buy an electric car, while 170 million is the figure intended for plug-ins, electric cars and petrol, LPG or diesel (internal combustion engine) tracks.

Car Incentives 2022, reservations closed May 25th. Who they belong to

On May 25, the X-time for the 2022 car incentives took place. Starts at 10 dealers and dealers of authorized machines they were able to reserve the car bonus up to 5000 euros.

In short, the concessions, in the form of a discount, applicable to the list price of a new car, are starting to take shape. Whether it’s electric, full, endothermic or mild hybrid cars, it makes no difference: everyone can benefit from the car bonus, with or without scrapping.

The long-awaited click day to request the 2022 car incentives from the MISE Ecobonus platform is now over. Farthest last the first step is completed which will allow Italian citizens to enjoy the car bonus of up to 5000 euros.

However, the DPCM provided some clarifications regarding the reservations made. Which one? 2022 car incentive reservations will only cover contracts entered into from 16 May onwardsi.e. from the date of entry into force of the Decree implementing the 2022 car bonuses.

Other indications were given regarding the use of the bonus by natural persons. According to the same, citizens will only be able to access the 2022 car incentives by agreeing not to change ownership of the new vehicle purchased before 12 months.

However, a separate discussion for natural persons only required the use of the new vehicle for car-sharing services, retaining ownership for two years.

Car incentives 2022, 5,000 euros bonus: with or without scrapping? How to request it

After a long wait the turning point for auto-incentives 2022 has finally arrived. Not only citizens but also authorized car dealers and dealers can breathe a sigh of relief.

An observation, this, confirmed by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, while the number of registered cars collapsed relentlessly last month.

Could the 2022 car bonus of up to € 5,000 be the right key to rectify the situation? Probably.

However, not all car incentives guarantee the same “discount”. The size of the car bonus actually varies depending on the variation of the CO2 emission class that the new purchase predicts. The reason why it was decided to continue with such an articulated distribution is quite simple: the government’s priority objective is to encourage citizens to buy sustainable vehicleswith low environmental impact.

And this also explains the larger economic allocation redirected to cars with low carbon dioxide emissions (CO2 0-20 g / km). For all vehicles that fall within this range, a car bonus of 5000 euros is paid when scrapping a vehicle already owned by a class of less than 5 euros.

If you do not have a car to scrap with these properties, the discount on the list price will be 3000 euros.

Also be aware of a limit: you will only be able to access the 2022 car incentives for vehicles with reduced carbon emissions if you buy a new vehicle under 35,000 euros (excluding VAT).

2022 car bonus: incentives for petrol, diesel and LPG vehicles? the news

View the first emission band envisaged for the new 2022 car incentives, let’s move on to the other. The one that guarantees a car bonus to include carbon dioxide emissions between 21 and 60 gr / km.

This category includes vehicles defined as mild hybrids or M1 full, plug-in vehicles, with a list price of less than 45,000 euros (excluding VAT).

How much is the discount in this case? Since it is an intermediate problem category, it is Car bonus will not be 5000 euros, but 2000 euros, to which an additional 2000 euros must be added if an old vehicle of at least the Euro 5 class is scrapped.

The real news, however, concerns vehicles with different fuels: petrol, LPG and diesel. In fact, only in this case will it be possible to take advantage of the car bonus if a vehicle with carbon dioxide emissions below 135 g / km is purchased.

Naturally, The 2022 car incentives for these vehicles will be lower (up to 2000 euros) e they can only be accessed after scrapping an old vehicle.

However, as regards the list price, vehicles belonging to the M1 category can only be purchased using the incentives if their price is less than EUR 35,000 (excluding VAT).

Car incentives 2022, new requirements coming? Here is the latest news on bonuses

As easy to understand, The 2022 car incentives are not reserved for everyone. That The Minister for Economic Development was quite aware of this: the car bonuses are designed to meet families in financial difficulty while companies are cut off from the concessions.

Meanwhile, it seems that the Draghi government already intends to make changes to the requirements that must be met in order to benefit from the car bonus of up to 5000 euros.

Specifically, the Executive Board would like to extend the delivery time for the vehicles, which is now set at 180 days, given the difficulties that car manufacturers feel in finding the production materials.

Car incentives 2022, Bonus up to 5000 euros: what can change

At present, we can not say with certainty what adjustments will be made by the government with regard to the car incentives for 2022. With all certainty, we will not interfere with the amount of the bonuses, the value of the concessions themselves and the CO2. . emission classes.

Like I said, the only point to review is the rule of 180-day delivery of vehiclesto be extended or possibly removed.

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