The marriage of the sea. Culture, gastronomy, shows. Large screen on the seafront

On May 29, this important event returns, one of the oldest in Italy, where the Archbishop of the Diocese of Ravenna and Cervia goes out to sea on a fishing boat, blesses the Adriatic and gives the water a real gold.

Each year continuity is given to the poll, which was conducted in 1445 by the then bishop of Cervia Pietro Barbo when he was in the middle of a storm when he returned from Venice by sea.
Legend has it that the bishop on that occasion promised his pastoral ring to ask the water to sink.

On Ascension Day, the rebuilding is an agreement with an ancient taste that involves the whole city.
On Sundays, the ritual begins from Cervia’s main square, Piazza Garibaldi, where the historic procession is formed, where gentlemen, flag bearers, ladies and mayors parade, in sumptuous period clothing.

The procession parades through the streets of the city center along Viale Roma, the seafront up to the embarkation of the canal port to accompany the ring that will be launched into the sea, in the historic ceremony celebrating the city’s marriage to the waters of the Adriatic.

Ceremony with launch of the ring and out to sea
Sunday, May 29, at
If you want to experience the launch of the ring up close, you can board the motor ships.
Motorboat tickets only online
Full € 5 – Reduced (children up to 10 years) € 3.
The profits are entirely donated to charity
In case of bad weather there is no refund.
For information:
Torre San Michele IAT Office – via Evangelisti 4, Cervia, tel. 0544 974400.

Culture – The exhibitions

Until Sunday, June 5th
Torre Saltlager

Made in New York – Keith Haring and Paolo Buggiani
Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 20:00, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 23:00, Sunday from 10:00 to 21:00
Ticket office at Torre San Michele IAT Office

Until Wednesday, June 8th
Rubicone Room, Via Evangelisti

Tribute to Italian art
Personal exhibition by Bruno Merendi
of the Menocchio Cultural Association
from 7.30 pm to 10 pm

Until Sunday, May 29th
Muse – Saltmuseum

The breath of the wind and the sea
Photographic exhibition by Musa Photographic Group
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 14:30 to 19:00

From Monday 23 May to Friday 3 June
Artemedia room, Piazza Garibaldi

Computer art in fashion
Personal exhibition by Maria Enrica Nardi
from 10 to 12 and from 15 to 22.

Food and wine
To discover the products of the Adriatic, the fish and the mussels in Cervia, and learn about the typical recipes of the area:

From Friday the 27th to Sunday the 29th of May

Piazzale Aliprandi
Friday from 19, Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 19

“A sea that unites”, food stand
of “La Pantofla” Fishing Club

Friday, May 27th
Maria Goia Municipal Library
18 hours

Bread, oil, wine and salt
Presentation of the book by Enrico Campofreda
Photo exhibition by Manfredi Negri

Rubicone Room, Via Evangelisti
21 hours

Silvano Collina The visionary
Presentation of the book by Massimo Previato

Garibaldi Square
21 hours

Concert on the occasion of the 578th anniversary of the sea wedding
Med Grande Orchestra Città di Cervia
Municipal theater in case of bad weather

Saturday, May 28th

Walter Chiari Municipal Theater
11 o’clock

Wedding ring ceremony
Exchanging gifts with the host city
Music by La Corelli Cooperative

Sunday, May 29th

Piazzale dei Salinari
10 in the morning

The trophy of the ring
Archery tournament. By Archers Company of Cervia.

Meeting place Torre San Michele, Via Evangelisti 4

Good and bad wind
Heritage walk in Borgo Marina, to meet the main characters in yesterday’s and today’s fishing.
Organized by the FESTA Association, Facilitators of the Salt and Sea Ecomuseum.

Adriatic Sea
11 o’clock

Course of batel – Tenza di Cervia “Paolo Puzzarini”
Arranged by Amici della Vela Nautical Club.

Piazzale Aliprandi
from 15 to 20

Postmark “578 ° Marriage of the Sea”

Garibaldi Square
15 hours

The Cervia of the past between tradition and folklore
Exhibition of flag-wavers, musicians and flag-bearers representing the districts of Palio del Niballo di Faenza, in collaboration with the municipality of Faenza.
Parade of figures in historical costumes

The rituals of the ring

Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, Piazza Garibaldi
16 hours

The fair of the ring

Departure from Piazza Garibaldi

Procession of the Ring

Lungomare Gabriele D’Annunzio, Monument to the Fallen at Sea

Prayer and setting aside the crown in memory of those who fell at sea

Opening of the ceremony on the high seas

Parade of historic boats

Porto Canale
18 hours

Boarding for the ceremony and departure by sea
Motorboat tickets only online.
Full € 5 – Reduced (children up to 10 years) € 3.
The profits are entirely donated to charity
In case of bad weather there is no refund.

Porto Canale
21 hours

Cuccagna on the water
Typical competition of skills among the young people of Cervia, competing in a race along the bar covered in grease, leaning against the canal harbor.

Festival of the Adriatic coast in Emilia Romagna
Saturday, May 28th

Meeting place Torre San Michele, Via Evangelisti 4
15 hours

Cervese Marine at the beginning of the century – Guided excursion
Traveling encounter dedicated to the discovery of the old Cervese fleet and of the sails of the third to traditional navigation, restored and restored.

Meeting place Salina di Cervia Visitor Center, Via Bova 61
19 hours

Sunset in Salina – eventful excursion
A walk accompanied by an environmental guide to visit and learn about a natural oasis of great value and tradition at sunset.

Sunday, May 29th

Meeting place Cervia free beach, Lungomare Grazia Deledda
9 in the morning

Reading the sea – Guided tour
Guided path along the beach to observe, listen, touch, experience the “sea landscape”.

Meeting place Torre San Michele, Via Evangelisti 4
11 o’clock

Cervia, between history and tradition in the company of Jack Salino – Animation and active teaching.
Guided tour dedicated to families, citizens and tourists in the company of the pirate Jack Salino, to discover the city of Cervia.

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