“They have been sowing love in Busto Arsizio for 65 years”

Two mothers, Chiara and Erika, they wanted publicly thank in a letter all the Mariadøteres help of Christians who for 65 years “saw” love, passion and enthusiasm among children which goes to the kindergarten E. Crespi in Busto Arsizio. The occasion is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians spent in the world educating young people. In this way, they want to thank Mary Help of Christians for the presence of the “sisters” in theirs E. Crespi Kindergarten.

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To all the daughters of Mary Help of Christians who have “sown” the passion, love and enthusiasm of “E. Crespi” thanks from the whole school’s educating community, especially this year, as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of our institute, we give praise and honor so the small and fertile seed sown 65 years ago can continue to be fertile …

First class, looking to the future, with a heart full of enthusiasm and love conveyed through 3 years of experience and joy in the Crespi kindergarten, as it was called in our time …I look with a hint of melancholy beyond the yard, where the little ones are playing, growing up and learning peacefully under the attentive and loving eyes of the Sisters and teachers.

I carry the memory of this melancholy look inside me and it is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of those years, a sad and happy look at the same time because it brings the experience of love and fill with it. the sisters, the teachers and the whole team who allowed and still allow today to grow the seeds that will be lush plants tomorrow.

The seed planted in 1957 grows before our eyes, inside some of us who have entered the school world here and now, thanks to the good experience that has remained in us, have decided to take their children with them …
The presence of the daughters of Mary Help of Christians guaranteed and nurtured the teaching done with the heart, with attention to each child, as each child is unique and special.

Following Don Bosco’s charisma, which maintained “a child’s happiness is knowing that one is loved” and thanks to the attention of the Mother with the capital M “Mary Help of Christians”, the sisters have cared for generations of children since the school’s founding. , who are now parents or grandparents, and who still have the love and the doctrine that was sown in their hearts many years ago, in their hearts.

For all this … we would like to thank all the sisters who in recent years have made our school grow, thanks to the teachers who have tirelessly encountered joys and difficulties every day, especially in recent years, and have never failed in their professionalism, their devotion, their enthusiasm, allowing our children to live in the most peaceful way possible.

Thanks to the assistants, to Susy and to all those who patiently and carefully let the school run smoothly

And finally thanks to Sister Morena who with his availability and enthusiasm made the seeds of joy grow because, as Don Bosco says, “joy is the most beautiful creature that came out of the hands of God after love”!

Mor Chiara – Mor Erika

Busto Arsizio May 24, 2022

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