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Milan, a 3 and a half year old boy was admitted to Niguarda hospital but has not yet been reported: Not within the parameters. Baldanti (San Matteo): that’s what we’re looking for in the lab

In the quay there would be the family to adenovirusespeciallyF41 . It is also suspected of one its new related, but a hypothesis that is still under discussion. European laboratories are on the hunt for the unknown remedy that causes acute forms of hepatitis among children
The warning launched in recent weeks from the UK, where an increase in patients affected by this pathology has been recorded. Some cases – albeit with smaller numbers – had already emerged earlier. What worries the British is the growth in reports. Growth that is certainly not seen in Lombardy and Italy. According to the criteria of the health authorities, children under 10 years of age with acute liver infection, transaminase values ​​above 500 and negative for hepatitis A, B, C, D and E tests are taken into account.

The situation in Lombardy

According to the latest update given by Health Councilor Letizia Moratti in the Regional Council, there were per. May 2 reported 9 pediatric cases of hepatitis of unknown origin in Lombardy, as well as a few under evaluation. Two of these are related to the Milanese. It is a 4-year-old boy admitted to San Paolo Hospital and a two-year-old boy treated in Sesto San Giovanni (who has already returned home). Meanwhile, experts have considered at least one other patient. Last week, a 3-and-a-half-year-old boy was brought to Niguarda, with some symptoms suggestive of a liver infection. After the analyzes, however, it emerged that the transaminase values ​​are not higher than 500. The little one would not be in serious condition. For now, therefore, it is not listed as a possible case.

Monitoring in Italy

In Italy, so far there are about twenty probable cases out of about 50 reviews. There is no significant growth in children with hepatitis of unknown origindespite the high level of alarms and the consequent greater propensity to report any situation considered to be at risk.

Research in the laboratories

The figures therefore appear to be under control. Not for this the experts give up the effort for trace the origin of these hepatitis. In Lombardy, all hospitals are able to perform first-level tests that are useful in ruling out the most common causes of liver infections. A network of laboratories then takes care of the subsequent analyzes. Among them San Matteo Outpatient Clinic in Pavia. A family of viruses, especially under the lens – he says Fausto Baldantihead of the molecular virology laboratory -, that of adenovirus. They cause gastrointestinal and respiratory syndromes mainly in children. In patients with low immune system These viruses can sometimes be associated with hepatitis. Let’s move on to the kids. In some of the cases investigated, a component of viruses in this family has been identified. Especially the F41 strain. peculiar that it has not been found in all patients reported in the United Kingdom and the United States. An explanation could come from the inaccurate analyzes. Safe a complete diagnostic panel was not performed on all patients reflects Baldanti.

The new F41 and the care

The second date, which is very much in doubt – adds the head of the San Matteo Laboratory – it you may be confronted with a virus that correlated with F41 but not quite the same. And therefore, the tests available today would only be able to identify it in some cases. Patients from Lombardy are currently few and far between. And some were excluded from the study because the cause of their hepatitis was identified. An additional path, albeit less likely, leads to the dei family picornavirus. And what about the treatments? If it was adenovirus, there are already some drugs on the market.

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