Pineto: event to promote the culture of health and safety at work

To promote the culture of health and safety at work, the Ponzio Srl company, together with its official partners, in collaboration with the municipality of Pineto, organized the free event “Always Safe!” in the gym. Employment on 27 May 2022 at 20.30

“ALWAYS SAFE!” a show conceived with a mix of artistic language that will reach the viewer’s heart and shake him by involving him in the deepest emotions. Audiences imbued with sounds, images and words will be called to experience this unique event.

Vincenzo Olivieri: comedian, singer, character actor, writer, will involve us in an explosive mix of words, music and gentle irony. The artist, who is based in Pescara, gives life every time to a unique cabaret and animation show.

Compagnia Rossolevante – “Rubati Days” show MEDAL FOR REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC | the show has the patronage of the general management of ANMIL.

The performance is born out of an encounter between art and life. The show’s protagonist was the victim of a devastating work accident that “really happened”, and in staging his dramatic experience, he shows us how much an individual’s testimony can be accepted in the culture to become everyone’s legacy. The performance boldly tackles an unusual theme for the scenes and does so with great passion, professionalism, giving the audience intense emotions. The show has the explicit purpose of promoting a real cultural change, a collective process of awareness and responsibility. A contribution to the formation of the collective consciousness, which alone can remove any remaining attitude of fatalism, resignation or, worse, formal observance of the rules, in the certainty that companies and public institutions together – by means of training and information handles – we can eliminate, in the bud, the determination of any risk situation. “

Le Ombre: musical group founded in 2011 by musicians and enthusiasts with the aim of promoting and disseminating knowledge of music culture, promoting and organizing musical events, festivals, concerts, musicals and any other form of entertainment related to music, activating musical initiatives and cultural activities also in collaboration with other bodies, associations and / or schools within social aggregation and leisure.

“We would like to encourage the viewer to make a promise to change the perspective and the attitude they are preparing to perform everyday tasks with. Working safely means choosing to do the right thing to protect yourself and others, ALWAYS! It is a personal commitment that is renewed every day, which testifies to every gesture, requires passion and above all courage. He leaves the company to permeate the entire life of the worker, involving colleagues, family and friends. We also take the opportunity to invite you to participate, if you have the opportunity to come, the number of participants to reserve seats for you before they run out by replying to this email, or independently by signing up below link, or by phone on 0859464316.

This is the link to registration:

Synthesis program:

20:30 Musical Intro – The Shadows
20:50 Comic Show – Vincenzo Olivieri
21:40 Theater work “Giorni rubati” By Rosso Levante, a performance awarded by the Presidency of the Republic
22:40 Thank you and end
The event will be presented by Mariarita Piersanti.
In addition to the President of Ponzio, Abruzzo and Molise CGIL / FIOM Regional Secretary Dr. Carmine Ranieri, Pineto’s mayor, will also be present, and among the evening’s guests will be the president of the API for Teramo dr. . Marcozzi.
To facilitate access to Pala Volley, it is advisable to arrive at least 15/20 minutes in advance; tickets are not numbered so that whoever arrives first finds the best accommodation.

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