Aidem: How to analyze children’s drawing to identify possible difficulties and inconveniences (Accredited online course)

MIUR accredited online course (15 hours) to assist teachers in analyzing the drawings of their students for the purpose of prevent possible developmental problems and promote learning.

To draw it is one of the most constructivist acts in existence: in this way the child operates a real one personal construction of realitygives it a meaning and a meaning, transforms one’s knowledge.

Drawing is an action that takes place even before walking, talking, asking.

Children, through a trail left on paper (sometimes even on the wall or floor, ed.) they leave themselves in the world.

The sign comes before the word: it is important for teachers to know and understand the drawings that children produce, to relate to them and communicate through an alternative tool and in some ways complementary to the language.

Understanding children’s drawings, however, requires attention and knowledge of the aspects to be analyzed: even the signs that at first glance do not seem to make sense in reality for the child they represent something (mother, father, a game, etc.), they express emotional states, desires, fears.

When a child shows us a scribbled paper, it shows us a part of his world, himself.

Drawing is a tool through which work to prevent development problems and promote learning.

It’s a great remedy cognitive stimulation, just think of the role that drawing plays in laying the foundation for the understanding of space-time relationships, narrative and symbolic structures, but also for spontaneous writing as access to alphabetical codes.

Through drawings, children express themselves better and more than in other ways, project your own feelings and inner experiences on paper.

Children and young people can use drawing to explore, solve problems, visually shape ideas and observations.

It is important for educators and teachers to understand that the moment he draws, the child tells us something about himself, giving us access to his personality and his feelings without the need for words.

To provide teachers with operational support in reading the characteristics that the child expresses through drawing and by identifying indicators of possible relational, cultural and learning difficulties, we have made a practical online seminar to learn to recognize critical situations and risk situations to plan a timely intervention.

It is a accredited online course (15 training hours)present on the Sofia platform and therefore can be purchased with the Teacher Card.

Online seminar (online practical training course) – MIUR accredited course (15 hours)


Curated by Laura Barbirato (Principal, learning psychologist, expert in training teachers at all school levels in the field of disability, SLD, ADHD) and Viola Messori (art therapist)

LIMITED OFFER: 15% DISCOUNT for registrations received no later than Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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This is an online practical training course, consisting of 4 lessons available on our web portal dedicated to training.

  • The course is present at Sofia platform and then you can pay for it using the teacher’s charter (Identification code: 66466).
  • After activating your personal account on our e-learning platform, you will be able to access the training content (handouts, overview photos, video focus, intermediate questionnaires) at any time and from any place with a significant saving of time and moneyas you get all the training you need directly on your PC, without having to be absent from school.
  • The lessons remain in your possession and will be able to also consult them after the end of the course.


  • Will be capable of recognize, through the drawing, the indicators of a possible discomfort (BES, DSA, etc.).
  • It will be able to intervene quickly in case of critical or risky situations.
  • It will be able to refine your “educational eye” and will be able to recognize critical situations or risk situations more easilyto intervene quickly.
  • will learn basic rules for analysis of drawings of his students.
  • During the course, a theme will be given for the children to draw. Participants will be able to submit the drawings and the most important ones will be analyzed by the speaker.
  • Want one archive, which contains a large collection of drawings analyzed by our expert, from which one can draw to get practical ideas aimed at analyzing their designs.
  • He will be able to resolve the most critical aspects through ours specific video focus: drawing of the tree, of the human figure, of the tree, use of color and space, etc.
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: no time limit for access to teaching materials. You are free to decide when and where you want to consult it without any restrictions on time and use.
  • Clear explanations and commented examples.
  • MIUR accredited education (15 hours).


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This is an accredited online course, which can also be purchased with the Teacher Card.

In case you do not intend to take advantage of this bonus, we have reserved a special discount for you.


  • LIMITED OFFER: 15% DISCOUNT for inscriptions no later than Wednesday, June 8, 2022 (the discount only applies to purchases made without the use of the Teacher Card).
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