the decalogue to deal with the anxiety leading up to the final of the conference

Raise your hand if you start from the exact moment of the triple whistle off Rome-Leicester on the evening of May 5, he has nothing to do with frequent tachycardia, salivation cleansed and cold sweats of Fantozziana memory. L ‘anxiety andadrenaline they grow from day to day, from hour to hour, even by the minute, and tomorrow they will reach their climax in the finale. So here is one The Decalogue trying to control emotions and moods that are actually unmanageable: ten tips that are difficult (read: impossible) task of not making you think of the Tirana challenge at least for seven / eight consecutive seconds, or at least to think about it without risking losing consciousness.

1. By not recommending Valium, psychotropic drugs and other more or less legal narcotic drugs, we suggest chamomile and relaxing herbal teas in shock: you want to spend most of the day in the bathroom, maybe you fall asleep with your head on the office desk. And then you will wake up with a start, because in your dream, Abraham, Mourinho and all the others will have appeared and reminded you of the coming commitment.

2. Maybe an aperitif at the bar with friends can help, though no coffee (raise the pressure, which is already around 220/160). You will still be distracted by one fixed thought and you will end up dipping the appetizers in your drink. It does not matter whether this is alcoholic or not: stress before the game will in any case give you strange hallucinations, and you will find yourself in the belief that the guy sitting at the table next to yours is similar Zaniolo. Of course not, but you want to run to hug him and shout: «Daje Nico, let’s take them out tomorrow, I recommend faje tre go ‘come to Bodø!».

3. Exit a Go for a walk, perhaps with your partner, or at least with someone who has the power to make you feel comfortable. But be careful: If you unfortunately come across a group of kids playing football, your mind will start with an imaginary comment. «From Pellegrini to Abraham, Tammy’s return ball to the captain, here’s Lorenzo trying the shot … Gooooooolllll! Room in front! ‘. You will be brought back to the reality of a sound ball in your face.

4. Go to movie theatera: whether it’s a love story, a thriller, a comedy or a science fiction movie, you should at least be able to let go of the suspense for a few hours. Unless there is any reference to Holland in the film. Your brain will then automatically connect Holland with Rotterdam, then with Feyenoord, and you will go wrong: they will find you in the bathroom when it closes, curled up in a fetal position on the tile floor.

5. We would recommend one trip out of townbut you would risk not having a signal on the phone, and in a short time you would go crazy like Jack Nicholson in The Shining because “I have to hear the de Mou lecture and read all the latest on the line-up, do not joke, let’s go home before NOW! “.

6. Put some on music. But beware: When the playlist plays “Rome Rome” and “Never Alone Ever”, you will sing at the top of your lungs, very aroused, and you will fall back into the tunnel of pre-matched anxiety.

7. Hurry up everyone housework as one usually postpones: Washing machines, cleaning, change of season, tidying up the room. Then the Roma Campione d’Italia 2000-01 jersey jumps out of the closet, and then goodbye.

8. Read a good book. But first make sure that it does not contain the words “Rome”, “football”, “Albania”, “stadium”, “ball”, “penalty”, “lawn”, “goal”, “Portugal” (“José, guide us you! »),” Defense “,” attack “,” left-handed “(” Gianlù, I recommend … “),” pilgrims “(” Daje Capità! “),” Supplementary “,” shoes “,” changing rooms “, etc., etc..

9. Football game… No, better not.

10. The only serious advice is the following: there is no way to get rid of this mogul of emotions, fear, expectation, terror. Keep it, let’s keep it: it’s the price to pay to be here, to play this cup. You will not miss it. So – whether you’re in Tirana, at the Olimpico or in front of the television – do one thing: get ready to cheer on Roma with all your heart, as if you were to take the path yourself. Cry, cheer, swear, carry your nails and shake as appropriate. But above all – before, during and after the match – shout “come then Rome!”. The rest is talk.

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