Stranger Things 4 – Volume 1 Review

There is a place populated by monstrous creatures where everything is dark. The radiance of the sun is suffocated by a constant mist and a blanket of smoke; it is impossible for light to illuminate these barren and dry landscapes.

This place is called Sottosopra and it is located just below our world, the one where children play on sunny meadows and cars fill the streets teeming with life.

While Upside Down may seem like an almost exact copy of our reality, this dimension truly represents a real boundary between the human world and that of demons, where evil lurks and the passage of time has a different rhythm than ours.

During the 1980s, some boys from Hawkins, a Texas city in America, they discovered this alternative and mirror image.

Since then, their lives have changed forever. We have been able to know their extraordinary stories thanks to the TV series with the title Stranger Thingsreleased in 2016 on Netflix.

Now that the new season is coming out, we have the opportunity to continue to get excited about their adventures and find out how they saved America and the whole world by facing these terrible threats.


The fight that the main characters in Stranger Things they faced in the third season, it was very hard, and above all, it required some painful sacrifices.

The student’s powers (Millie Bobby Brown) allowed the demonic forces to re-enter their dirty and dark dimension. But at what price?

A very expensive price, which includes not only the loss of young human lives, but also the deprivation of qualities that have enabled the Pupil to face these evil hordes.

The fourth season of Stranger Things it shows our darlings keen to try to live a normal life, or at least one that resembles them as much as possible.

The student struggles with the harsh school reality made up of peers who intend to harass and despise all those who appear to be different from them.

Being different and not approved within the walls of the school means that one deserves punishments and offenses that only bullies can do. An evil that seems to surpass that of the monsters that the girl has only faced six months earlier.

It’s not easy for her to handle all this, also because Jim Hopper (David Harbor), the only man in her life who has given her a father-like devotion is not next to her.

If all this was not enough to put her to the test, besides Jim also her love Mike (Finn Wolfhard) is far away, because now the Student’s life in California with Will (Noah Schnapp). Texas and Hawkins are a distant memory.


Although life seems to have returned to normal in Hawkins, the truth could not be more different. The breakup with Upside Down, which we saw up close last season thanks to the Student’s enormous efforts, does not seem to have been enough to ward off the forces of evil.

A new, powerful and dangerous entity is ready to wreak havoc on the damned little town of Texas.

This threat does not dare to appear, but manages to sow horror in a silent and invisible way and exploits the most hidden and cutting weaknesses of the young minds it strikes.

Just through the modus operandi that the new villain use to beat is as clear as the new season Stranger Things wants to once again pay tribute to the pop horror pictures from the 80s, especially thinking of the cult film by Wes Craven with the title Nightmares.

Do not come to erroneous conclusions right away: ind Stranger Things there is no mention of nightmares and monsters that love to take our lives while we sleep, far from it.

What the authors of the Netflix series have conveyed from Craven’s film is the atmosphere and ugliness of this monster, who knows very well how to exploit all the victims’ guilt he hits.


If in the last season of Stranger Things the references to the 80s folkloric sounds seemed small to you, in this new tranche of episodes you will be more than satisfied.

During the seven episodes that make up the first volume of the series, there will be scenes showing leg warmers, arcade games and primitive computers that characterized the period when many fans of the series were children or young people.

Of course, the music will also play melodies that are typical of the years when pop music had songs that later became unforgettable.

In these new episodes, the boys’ biggest passion is Stranger Thingsto Dungeons and Dragons which will also allow us to introduce a new character to the series, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn).

Eddie is a metal music fan who leads Hellfire Club, the group of players in the famous RPG that also includes Mike, Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Will and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin).

Besides Eddie, there will be others new entrancelike Argyle (Eduardo Franco), Jonathan’s confused friend (Charlie Heaton) which delivers pizzas and Peter Ballard (Jamie Campbell Bower), a mysterious nurse who wants contact with the Eleven.


You have not yet read about the remarkable length of the seven episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things? Know that each episode lasts no less than seventy minutes, with the last one lasting more than ninety minutes.

If for you this represents a deterrent to seeing, do not fall prey to prejudice and know that the script of Stranger Things 4 it is so rich that it perfectly justifies these extended viewing times.

As one could somehow deduce from the ingenious posters released a few months ago, in Stranger Things 4 the narrative lines are built in four different parts, which necessarily divide the historical persons into different groups, each dedicated to fulfilling a specific mission and living exciting experiences.

If a narrative vision of the genre can only benefit the overall variation, this also provides an opportunity to enrich the script not only with stories that refer to the horror genre, but also to the one that is more oriented towards adventure and science fiction.

In addition to vivid experiences of terror with the disturbing presence of the new demon haunting Hawkins, we will also be able to test a script that talks about mystery and, why not, also about experiences that make Hawkins boys new investigators of the paranormal.

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