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According to recent data from Bankitalia, it seems that Lombardy ranks first in Italy among the regions with the highest rate of entrepreneurial digitization. Although it took some time to adapt the traditional business organization to a more “smart” and flexible structure, the fruits of this work are now finally visible. It is no coincidence that the next goal will be to implement artificial intelligence within the various Lombard realities.

To all those entrepreneurs who believe in digital and technological advances but do not know how to make the most of this phase of technological and information transition, the book on Riccardo Brunori “SOFTWARE FOR SALE”. The Brunori method of increasing sales by satisfying the new needs of the consumer in the digital age through advanced strategies, methods and software ”(Bruno Editore). Inside, the author shares with his readers the same strategies that will allow them to scale their business on the Internet thanks to the latest generation of software.

“The book examines the context in which an entrepreneur finds himself today. It analyzes the new consumer process, but also the importance of mastering the new marketing tools and sales models, ”he says Riccardo Brunori, author of the book “The primary purpose is to bring the reader to the full awareness that it is possible to achieve significant results: it all lies in delegating the strategic activities to the right partner, as he does not have the competence and time for their management “.

According to Riccardo Brunori, Understanding exactly how the company gets its customers is the first and most important step to take to understand the exact state of business management. As he points out the authorWithout a careful analysis of the initial situation, it is almost impossible to plan a relaunch strategy aimed at increasing sales in the long run. Often this situation is resolved by delegating the data collection reorganization process and their management to a third party professional.

“Many entrepreneurs spend a great deal of their time on their business, but without being able to fully express the fruits of their labor,” he continues. Giacomo Bruno, publisher of the book. “With this book, the author wants to help entrepreneurs make better use of the power of advanced data and software. It is no coincidence that one lives in the information age, today it is precisely data that determines a company’s success or failure.”

“I have decided to trust Giacomo Bruno for its specialization and reputation in educational books. Before I chose him as editor, I had the opportunity through his staff to get to know him better, elaborate on some questions, receive exhaustive and complete answers, ”the author concludes. “So I trusted him and chose to work with him. To date, I am fully satisfied with my choice to trust Bruno Forlagwhich I recommend to people like me who want to write a book for their potential customers ”.

The book is available on Amazon at this address: https://amzn.to/368IdCS

Riccardo Brunori is a Digital Business expert with over 25 years of experience in Marketing & Sales, specializing in SME development. Co-founder of several digital marketing companies, sales agencies, call centers and software development, in Italy and abroad. Educated in the United States, he had the opportunity to learn the best of marketing and sales strategies, adapt them to the Italian context, and combine them with “intelligent” software. Today, thanks to his method, he guides and supports entrepreneurs who want to meet the new challenges that the global and digital market offers. Website: https://www.riccardobrunori.it/

Giacomo Bruno, born in 1977, electronic engineer, was named by the press as the “father of e-books” for bringing e-books to Italy in 2002 with Bruno Editore, 9 years before Amazon and other publishers. He is the author of 27 bestsellers on personal growth and publisher of 700 books on the topics of personal and professional development. He is considered the best known Italian “book influencer” because every book he promotes or publishes becomes Bestseller n.1 on Amazon in a matter of hours. He is followed by television, news and national press. For info: https://www.brunoeditore.it

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