Pro Loco, a fund to strengthen the protection of culture

ROM (ITALPRESS) – Protection, enhancement and protection of intangible cultural heritage is the mission of the Pro Loco Italia Ets Foundation, which with a complementary action supports the centuries-old history of enhancement of these assets, which is carried out daily by Pro Loco. The institution was presented in the “Spadolini” room of the Ministry of Culture, in the presence of authoritative representatives of the government, parliament, the world of culture, research, tourism and Italian philanthropy. “The value of the Italian Pro Loco is invaluable: has always been the beating heart of our community, thanks to the commitment of over 600,000 volunteers across the country, able to tell the traditions of a creative, diverse Italy, rich in culture and a unique legacy from generation to generation. the world “, confirmed the Minister of Relations with Parliament Federico D’Incà. to the transformation of the country where the government, also through the articulation of the National Recovery and Resistance Plan, strongly believes “Completed D’Inca. The fund was born from deep roots, thanks to the commitment of over 6300 Pro Loco active throughout Italy. Associations that work every day for the benefit of their communities by providing over 25 million hours of volunteer work per year and demonstrating how the cultural identity of each community is the foundation of daily activity. “The fund was set up to further strengthen the value of Pro Loco and Unpli, which do not support and replace the work of Italy’s National Pro Loco, thus creating a structure that wants to work and study intangible heritage with a scientific approach. An activity , which will start from the census of intangible and tangible cultural heritage, which strengthens rituals, knowledge, traditions and stories handed down in the local communities, “said the president of the Unpli and Pro Loco Ets Foundation and Antonino La Spina. December 2021 and directed by Pietro Ferrari Bravo, Pro Loco Italia Ets Foundation is a non-profit organization set up to pursue civic solidarity and social benefits in the education, training and cultural sectors. “Who did not know the Pro world. Loco had to change his mind after these two years of pandemic and great difficulties. Attention is support to those in need, this is the heart of volunteer work, it is the volunteers in Pro Loco. Today we as institutions more than ever cherish this legacy of our society, “stressed UDC Senator Antonio De Poli, author of a bill on Pro Loco in the Senate. The presentation of the fund was attended by Andrea Favaretto (CGIA Masters and member by the Board of the Pro Loco Italia Foundation), Fernando Tomasello (UNPLI Vice President), Angelantonio Orlando (Director of the Mission Unit for the Implementation of PNRR from the Ministry of Culture), Daniele D’Amario (Tourism Council of the Abruzzo Region and National Tourism Coordinator of the Regional Conference) and Roberto Pella (Vice-President of the ANCI) Work continued with the contributions of Mariassunta Peci (Service Director II – UNESCO Office of the Ministry of Culture), Lorenzo Quinzi (Secretary-General Honorable Member of the Ministry of Tourism) and Sandro Pappalardo (Director of ENIT), Carola Carazzone (Secretary General of Assifero), Carlo Borgomeo (President of the CON IL SUD Foundation), Giuseppe De Rita (President of Censis), Alessandro Lombardi (Director General of the Third Sector and Corporate Social Responsibility), Stefano Arduini (Life Manager), Luigi Bobba (President Terzius) and Gabriele Sepio (Lawyer Third Sector Expert) The presentation was moderated by journalist Stefano La Marca (Political and Economic Editor-in-Chief at TgCom24). Further information about the fund is available at the Internet address Unpli press office photo – (ITALPRESS).

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