New calls and warnings against masks at school

There is growing dissatisfaction between parents and students over the demand for a mask at school. Codacons appeals to the Italian anomaly. Moreover, the Draghi government is still in default with a decision of the Taren that has become final. And lawyers Stefani and Scifo are issuing warnings with a request for compensation equivalent to five thousand euros per child.

The issue of masks in school is evolving, but in very small steps. As the school year draws to a close, the debate is revived, but above all, legal issues are starting to come up. On the one hand, the Ministry of Education has admitted that it has no documentation attesting to the real usefulness of personal protective equipment for students aged six and over. On the other hand, the duty remains from first grade to last grade in high school, with the exception of recreation (only the time strictly necessary for a snack) and sports class.

Outside healthcare, no public place more than the school is currently subject to such strict protocols. Yet dissatisfaction among families grows and materializes with targeted legal actions. Last Friday, the Codacons appealed to Lazio TAR, condemning “the blatant disparity between the provision and the unlawful discrimination between public places”.

Meanwhile, the Draghi government’s non-compliance remains compared to last year’s TAR ruling – which was final and not contested by the Ministry – which declared the Dpcm of 3 December 2020 and 14 January 2021 illegitimate. The legal team of lawyers Antonella Stefani and Francesco Scifo then issued their warnings, announcing the claim for damages (calculated in a lump sum of 5,000 euros per child) and removing the obligation to wear a mask at school. Contacted by New daily compasslawyer Stefani noted that “this year there is less censorship on the subject and many parents have taken action: we asked them to send e-mail and mistrust, to put some pressure “.

Then the question arises of the damages that “now can be detected”, because, notes lawyer Stefani, with prolonged use of masks, students “breathe large amounts of carbon dioxide”. Furthermore, the surveillance in countries such as Denmark or Finland – where some hours were held on a trial basis with a mask and others without – revealed no differences in the prevention of infections. In Italy, no tests of this type have been performed. In our country, it is also almost impossible for students to get medical certificates that make it possible to exempt the mask from breathing difficulties or other health consequences.

As mentioned in the text of the Communicationin addition, many children and teens had to wear FCA masks, supplied directly by the ministry and “then withdrawn because they were declared non-compliant (and presumed to be harmful)”. As no response has been received from the ministry, lawyer Stefani reserves all useful actions for his clients. “I think now it is the children who can no longer: the almost summery temperatures do the rest,” he adds. remembers: “Last year we asked to be able to remove the masks from the students at least under static conditions, therefore while sitting at the desks. In some schools, they even take them on during the physical education class. We have also recently had cases where boys have been suspended for holding the mask under their noses. Abroad, at school, however, they are no longer used under any circumstances “.

Not all parents are unhappy that the commitment continues. Most, on the contrary, raise their children to respect it; however, the number of dissatisfied fathers and mothers grows markedly when they are not at war. There are also times when hypocrisy no longer holds up: during travel, for example, children are often forced to wear a mask, even where it is not mandatory. “My nine-year-old son returned days ago from a trip to the Doge’s Palace in Venice, where they even made him carry it in the garden,” he says. New compass GM, mother of an elementary school student in Veneto. “When he got home, he asked me, ‘Why did we have masks and they didn’t?’ Pictures have arrived in the class chat documenting this thing: children with masks while the guide and the tourists do not. A little common sense would not hurt. Now that it is hot, in the classroom, the windows could be opened and the students could be allowed to stand with their faces open, ”the mother continues.

Often it is families who are more realistic than the king and to require children to carry Ffp2 in school, even now that it is no longer compulsory. “It’s not like you manage to talk so much with other parents – GM continues. Only a small percentage think like me. Yet the mother of another student, with a different position than mine, told me recently: ‘You have right, it no longer makes sense “”. Many parents apparently respect the rules of pure quiet lifestyle, but a paradox emerges: outside the classrooms “children celebrate their birthdays together, play, hug each other … Only in school are they militarized” , comments this.mother in conclusion.

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