new advertisement for Nespresso® * Original aluminum-compatible capsules

Starts on Sunday May 22 Kimboa leading company in Italy and in the world in the field of coffee production, will be in the air with the new advertising campaign “Kimbo, A cup of aroma, A cup of Naples” dedicated to the range of compatible Nespresso aluminum capsules®* Original.

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Serena Autierithe charming and talented actress who has been the brand’s ambassador since 2018 will be the main character in the commercial, conceived as a new episode of the very successful campaign “And head to Naples“. The magnificent testimony, through her image and her voice, will express Kimbo’s strong and inseparable ties to her hometown.

This new phase of the journey that Serena Autieri is making with Kimbo is not taking her outside, but inside herself. Entitled “A cup of aroma, a cup of Naples”, the film tells the emotional and sensory experience of discovering exclusive blends in Nespresso aluminum capsules®* Original. Great emphasis was placed on the coffee making scenes, to make the extraordinary quality of this new product with a first-class soul, which allows you to enjoy a coffee as good as at home.

After smelling its extraordinary aroma and enjoying its full and deep taste, Serena from the window of her house will no longer see the city where she is, but Faraglioni on the island of Capri, immersed in the blue of the sea and in the light of sun. Unmistakable symbol of his homeland, the homeland of the brand and of all those who just need a cup of Kimbo coffee to find themselves, with their minds and hearts, in the heart of Neapolitan.

This is creative concept of the commercial planned on television and online in 20 ” and 15 ” formats.

A story accompanied by the notes of one unedited cover of True Colorsa timeless piece made famous by Cindy Laupertoday in a new exciting adaptation that manages to convey all the sweetness from the moment of the day dedicated to us, when in the intimate home we allow ourselves the intense pleasure of a good coffee.

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The aim of the advertisement is to present the new line of Nespresso-compatible capsules®* Original with three references made of aluminum, a technology that allows you to better preserve the coffee’s authentic aroma, for a creamy and more intense result in the cup. The main character’s mixes will be: 100% Arabica Barista Espresso; Espresso Barista Ristretto And Barista Espresso Napoli. In addition, the new proposals will be a part of Kimbo Premium Selection: a range of carefully selected blends to satisfy the palates of consumers who are increasingly oriented towards the search for high quality blends.

The campaign manages to portray perfectly the excellence of coffee culture which in Kimbo has deep roots and is among the best expressions of the Neapolitan tradition. Significant talent of this know-how is certainly the of frying, so unique that it makes Kimbo coffee recognizable to the taste and famous all over the world: It is a typical Neapolitan ancient art that Kimbo has been the custodian of for almost 60 years. It is precisely the roasting that allows Kimbo to burn Napoli’s soul into every single grain.

A powerful take-off TV that counts 3,000 TV views in May and June, with a pressure of around 500 GRP on the Focus target, a percentage of Prime Time at 56% and an estimated reach of 73% (> 3.7 million unique users). The TV stations provided include: Rai, P80, Cairo, Discovery, Sky Free and PRS.

CoffeExperts by Andrea and Marco Bazzara

At the same time, the new spot on the web will be part of a video and display planning aimed at conquering an urban goal, young and with a great need for experiments.

A digital campaign with planning to support the launch on TV and the presence of the main online TV companies, including: Premium News, Corriere News, La7, Ilsole24ore, Sky Tg24, Sky Sport, Mediaset Play, Rai Play, Discovery +, Youtube .

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* This brand is not owned by Kimbo


o Creative management: Stefania Siani

o Art Director: Arianna Cacciapuoti

o Copywriter: Alessandra Andrea Tondi

o Client Service Director: Veronica Formentini

o Account: Ilaria Pagani

o Production company: Olympique

o Instructor: Federico Brugia

o Post production: The band

o Music: Fabio Gargiulo

+ info:

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