Masks in school, two weeks before the end of the year there is no agreement in the government. Principals: “Diducational show for students”

Two weeks before the end of the school year, the battle over the use of masks in school is still being discussed. On the one hand, there are the so-called rigorists (the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchihealth Roberto Speranza; the scientists Pier Luigi Lopalco And Andrea Crisanti) on the other hand, those permissible who request the release of the boys’ noses and mouths at least during the latter period (the sub-secretaries of education and health, Rossano You know that And Andrea Costa; the governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti as well Director of Infectious Diseases at the San Martino Outpatient Clinic in Genoa, Matteo Bassetti, and Guido Rasi, Scientific Director of Consulcesi and former Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency (Ema).

To date, the use of personal protective equipment among desks is still mandatory for students over the age of six and for teachers. A decision made by Bianchi in agreement with Speranza to reach the end of the year calmly. In many institutions, the reality is very different from the rules on paper: With the early arrival of summer, teachers and professors allow it to be removed by opening the classroom windows. Not only. Eventually, most of the boys, when the bell rang, played without a mask.

The issue was raised primarily by President Toti in recent days, which put pressure on the government. Hope, certainly not enthusiastic about the idea, said it is up to the scientific community to decide, but the scientific technical committee was dissolved with the end of the state of emergency. The Secretary of Education took care of surrounding the penalty kickers Stone (Lega), who declared from the Minister’s own building: “I would remove the obligation from now on, but at least at the final exams, students and teachers should be able to stay in the classroom without further restrictions. As the Lega, we have been asking for this for several weeks, both for the sake of the improvement in epidemiological data and the sharp rise in temperature, which especially in the South makes it really difficult to keep up with the lessons. Today we are in different centers well over 30 degrees ”.

The fight breaks the majority so much that Sasso, from his profile Facebook he took it out on Hope: “Explain to the Italians what scientific evidence justifies the elimination of the masks at the meeting places for the same students, who are then forced to store them for hours in classrooms that are now hot. Our children and teachers Complaints about difficulty breathing, a feeling of nausea and other ailments: why continue to rage in the school community? Minister Speranza, admit the mistake and go back to your decision ”.

Sasso is supported by his colleague Costa, who i.a. Radio24 he said: “We need a decree, it can not be done with a regulation. Although there are different sensitivities in the government, I hope that conditions are created to give this signal for the last part of the school year and beyond .

Who does not want to know more about the mask, is busy and wants to Chigi palads make a decision quickly. With the politicians who are with Toti, there are also two scientists: “It is right to take on a commitment when we are sure that there is an effect in reducing infection, but that is not the case. That is not possible – he said Bassetti to AdnKronos – determine if these protection devices have actually reduced the transmission of the virus. I say this because there is no scientific evidence that has established it in terms of vaccination, hand washing or distancing ”. So does Rasi: “In the last month of school, I wanted to release children and young people from the obligation to mask. After school, they have a social life and many interactions that no longer require a mask. Maybe the teacher can consider keeping it in the classroom ”.

On the other hand, the use of the devices is to defend Lopalco And Chrysanthemums in addition to the principals. The first is in no doubt: “As long as the viral circulation from SARS-CoV-2 stay high, the mask in cramped spaces, including school, is useful. I believe that the principle that should guide the choices about the use of the mask from now on should be based on the strong recommendation associated with high levels of viral circulation. “Crisanti has the same idea, convinced that it must be preserved in order to protect the most fragile.

Those who represent the school world, on the other hand, are even amazed that there is such a lively debate on the issue of masks. Antonello Giannellinumber one in the National Association principals he takes it out on politics: “I find another controversy about the school not only useless but also anti-pedagogical, this time related to the use of surgical masks. What teaching do we give students who see adults continue to quarrel about “Respecting a hard-learned and respected rule? We have a health authority that is responsible for making decisions, and I think there should be no further discussion about that.”

Now the final exams are being played. Meanwhile on there are parents who have filed a petition to ask for the mask to be removed in the final week of school, and Codacons has announced the filing of an administrative appeal to the TAR in Lazio, requesting suspension of government action, requiring students to use the mask in school until the end of the school year.

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