Fight against the mafia and the culture of legality in school. But a free and independent school

The Mafia is an anti-state organization that always attracts new followers because it is considered more effective than the state; therefore becomes the task of the school, the place where civic formation takes place, is to reverse this perverse processeducation of young people in the culture of the state and institutions, just as Judge Paolo Borsellino said.

It’s actually not a coincidence that in Italy, education for legality was introduced as a subject in schools just after massacres of Capaci and via D’Amelioof the bombings in Milan, Florence, Rome, tragic events that shook the country and made strong the perception of a threat to the democratic system.


In these dramatic situations, the need to give new impetus to the promotion of democratic culture was felt as a tool to combat mafia associations. It was therefore introduced by the Ministry of Public Education with Circular Letter No. 302 of 25 October 1993, datedLegality education, to strengthen the role of the school for the benefit of civil society, through initiatives to strengthen historical memory, knowledge of the principles of legality, human rights, the Italian Constitution.

It is clear that May 23, like all the other anniversaries in our bourgeois calendar, will have a real significance only if memory determines a change of direction in our lives and in our way of thinking. Otherwise, it is not a question of memory, but of empty rhetoric. Judge Falcone, as his sister Maria said, was another person who tried to change the system, he did not adapt to the prevailing corruption.

The Mafia is a reality that must and can be won; Today, however, we have to ask ourselves a question: With the high rate of school dropouts in the South, with an educational poverty that makes our children an easy prey for the Mafia and the Camorra, what alternative are we able to give them? . The only possible alternative to the spread of crime is schoolbecause the war against the mafia begins with the guarantee of the right to education: the book tears picciottien to the mafia.

In fact, the school is committed to the knowledge that enables many children, once they have grown up, to dedicate their lives to legality, to living a good life, for themselves and for others. But if the school relinquishes its duty, efforts to counter the phenomenon of mafia will be in vain. The deaths of Judges Falcone and Borsellino and the other servants of the state who were barbarically killed will be in vain. Legality culture means instilling in young people the rejection of any mafia behavior that lives by shortcuts and recommendations.

How often do we adults let ourselves be taken by the recommendation system, the easy way, the wonder … When we allow ourselves to be gripped by these attitudes, even in our everyday banalities, voluntarily or involuntarily, we support mafia mentality that denies the flat way of legality. Then it becomes essential to educate young people to keep their backs straight, to seek confrontation and dialogue, respect and openness, never destruction and annihilation of the other. If this were not the case, the memory would be in vain.

When you think about it, nothing has changed from ancient times to the present day: Ettore, aware that he will be killed, leaves his wife, son, old father to face his heroic fate. His memory is dear to all, perhaps even more than the strong Achilles, who was also a victim of his own fate. The memory of those who fight for an ideal of the good is eternal because man enriches his own humanity and promotes a message that extends beyond the centuries. And you, glory for tears, Hector, will have / where blood is holy and tears / shed for the homeland, and until the sun / shines on human catastrophes.

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