Camilla Falsini at Clerkenwell Design Week in London

In London, the Italian Co-innovation of Ceramic Art: at Clerkenwell Design Week, live painting by Camilla Falsini curated by Yourban2030

IS a feminine and sustainable Italy the one who for Clerkenwell Design Week 2022in the design district London, 24 and 25 May will show up to the world to tell one art history, sustainability, eco-innovation and improvement of Made in Italy with the live painting appearance of Camilla Falsini – by the non-profit Yourban2030 and promoted by Iris Ceramica Group.

The precious ceramic material – which has always been present in the historical heritage of civilization – is made technological surface and art canvasbecomes real artistic creation that talks about the environment, sustainability and energy conversion.

The 24th-25th May street artist Camilla Falsini will create a real work of art on inspired pottery live to the Memphis Movement exhibited in London for the exhibition “Ceramics: Neverending Artworks”, of which he tells and interprets the graphic style, patterns, colors, asymmetries and creativity. The street artist will especially pay tribute to the authors whose most iconic works are exhibited: Aldo Cibic, Andrea Branzi, Ettore Sottsass, George Sowden, Luigi Serafini, Marco Zanini, Martine Bedin, Matteo Thun, Michele De Lucchi, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Peter Shire. A work of art among ceramic works of art that actively involve the viewer, in a living and common show.

High performance material, Ceramics goes beyond craftsmanship, becomes an art object and at the same time an innovative and environmentally friendly surface, produced in zero-emission plants with natural materials and using renewable energy sources.

In her original living painting on ceramics, the street artist Camilla Falsini will through language and colors inspired by the artistic movement talk about ecological transformation and new viable solutions based on the innovative ceramics from Iris Ceramica Group, a company that represents running a business in a sustainable manner. In fact, the group considers respect for the environment as the value around which its production system must be built, and has taken concrete actions in this direction; including the new green hydrogen-powered plant – which will be completed in 2022 – makes the Iris Ceramica Group the first ceramic industry in the world capable of producing with such innovative and groundbreaking technology.

Solutions and innovations that look to the future to propose sustainable alternatives form the meeting place between non-profit Yourban2030 and Iris Ceramica Group.

It was non-profit that embraced the cause and cured the living painting, not randomly entrusted to a female signature Yourban2030: “A reality like the Iris Ceramica Group” explains Veronica De Angelis, President of Yourban2030 “Demonstrates the uniqueness of Italian women entrepreneurship, and places itself as an outpost of innovation and sustainability that Italy can teach. May in London, a work of art will come to life through Camilla Falsini’s live painting performance to tell all this and remind us not only that ceramics is a precious material, but also art, creation, canvas, artist and at the same time innovative and sustainable technical surface “.

Camilla Falsini’s live painting will host the art exhibition “Ceramics: Neverending Artworks”, which runs until June 3 in the Iris Ceramica Group’s London Flagship Store. Following the great success of the exhibition in Milan, the exhibition – created in collaboration with Antonia Jannone Drawings of Architecture – which landed in London on April 29, is dedicated to the most iconic ceramic works that have shaped the history of “new design”. Over 20 revolutionary works, representing a reference for the modern avant-garde at the international level, capable of stimulating a reflection on design and creativity.

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