Summer centers: Modena municipality’s proposals for children and teenagers

Activities for all age groups and financial contributions to the families of the children who participate are the backbone on which the entire range of playful recreational activities, which the Educational Services Sector in Modena municipality has built for the summer of 2022, has now been developed at the gate. .

There are over 100 suggestions on the list for children from 3 to 13 years (up to 17 years for children with disabilities); another thirty, on the other hand, the proposals from the “Zerotrestate” project are specially modulated for the little ones who go to kindergartens. The calls from the municipal administration were answered by 64 leaders of summer activities aimed at the age group 3-13 years and a further 20 accredited to activities aimed at the age group 9-36 months.

The offer includes sports, recreation and entertainment activities in sports centers, schools and farms; for the age group 3-13 years, in some cases it covers the whole summer, from June to September. The proposals also include the summer activities planned in the teaching services administered by the Cresci @ mo Foundation, aimed at children participating during the year, but also at those of municipal, affiliated and FISM schools that have signed up for teaching services through the Sportello single registration.

By choosing the summer activity from the municipal register, the families can first and foremost apply for vouchers to cover enrollment and subsistence expenses according to the regional legislation and to requisition pedagogical support staff for children and young people with disabilities. In this case, families must send an application directly to the elected leader by 27 May, who will forward it to the municipal administration. The pedagogical assistance staff will actually be directed by the municipality at the request of the manager until the available budget is exhausted and in accordance with the needs of the family.

For information, to consult the list of managers and available calls, see the section on the website for the education sector dedicated to summer centers (; it is also possible to contact the Summer Center’s office by phone (tel. 059/2032766 – 2032624 – 2032767) or by e-mail (


From Monday 23 May, it is possible to apply for a financial voucher for participation in summer camps for children and young people. For the fifth year in a row, Modena Municipality joins the regional project for work-life balance, which provides for the delivery of a weekly coupon to reduce rates.

The financial contribution can reach up to 112 euros per. week and repeated in 3 weeks attendance or in any case up to a maximum amount paid of 336 euros per. child. Over the next few days, the call for applications to request financial contributions for children aged 9-36 months, who are to participate in the summer activities dedicated to them, will also be available online. In this case, as in previous years, it is the Municipality that provides weekly vouchers for families to reduce fees for participation in summer camps.

In the case of children and young people aged 3-13, on the other hand, the contributions are intended for families of residents in the municipal area, who must participate in the summer camps included in the list prepared by the Municipality due to a call open to all. managers or another summer camp that has actively joined the “Project for work-life balance” actively in another municipality or region in the region.

To benefit from the contribution, the family must have an ISEE value not exceeding 28,000 euros, but with an important news: this year, in fact, all boys and girls with disabilities are between 3 and 17 years old, therefore they were born between 2005 and 2019: a measure aimed at promoting the integration of disabled children through participation in summer centers and supporting families during the period of interruption of school activity.

In all other cases, the contribution is reserved for families, including foster parents, where both parents (one for single parents) are employed or employees, parasubordinate, self-employed or associated, including cases where one or both parents are beneficiaries of social safety nets or one or both are unemployed and have signed up for an active labor policy measure or families where only one parent is in one of the specified conditions, and the other is continuously engaged in care tasks with regard to. the presence of family members with severe disabilities or lack of self-sufficiency.

To request the voucher, you must submit an online application ( exclusively through Spid; if you do not have an ISEE 2022 statement, you can present the 2021 certification. Once the applications have been collected, a list of possible beneficiaries will be drawn up on the basis of the ISEE value, until the budget for Modena Municipality is exhausted (last year all 1650 applications were accepted), which will repay the family contribution, upon presentation of a payment receipt and a statement issued by the manager of the summer center certifying the attendance periods.


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