In Vibonese a trip denied a disabled student, the school defends itself: “Repairable error”

As for the story of the disabled girl from Zungri, who at least was first forced to abandon the school trip to Serra San Bruno, as the bus from the private company would not be equipped to transport the disabled, it is necessary to register the attitude of the school principal Maria Gueli, who wanted to clarify the matter, also taking into account the distant prey of Mayor Franco Galatis. The mayor actually denied all responsibility and made the municipality’s minibus available.

“We love Carol, and with her we care about all the students at our school. Their peaceful growth – we read in a note signed, as well as by the leader, by the teaching staff and by the extensive staff of the Comprehensive Institute of Cessaniti – the construction of their personality, through the aggregation of small big experiences in everyday school life, represents the feeling of our professional mission.Also this was a complicated year: we could have followed the simplest path by postponing educational trips to the next school year, knowing about, that the tight deadlines between the end of the state of emergency (31 March 2022) and the end of educational activities, they would have easily exposed us to the risk of organizational mistakes, but we preferred to give back to our students some of the normality so quickly as possible, after two years and more with restrictions ”.

All classes and all the complexes of our department have asked to be able to “make an educational trip. The administrative procedures, the technical times, the obligatory steps in the process of allocating the trips to which the public administration is subject have forced us to race with the times: our director of service has jumped through to enable all classes to leave in May, all this while making sure to reconcile the different needs: the didactic value of the experience, the cost, the services offered, security … bureaucratic procedures with new calculations and new administrative actions.

Regarding the specific event that had appeared in the news, the signatories of the document were eager to express their views: “We may have made a mistake in the communication between the subjects who were involved in the organization of the outcome: teachers who collected the participations (including Carols); the responsible instrumental function which verifies the itineraries, the number of participants, the existence of special needs; the administrative office which, on the basis of these data, organizes the procedures for the transfer of the transport company we may have error in assuming that the company offering the most advantageous price also had an appropriate means of transporting Carol; we may have erred in immediately notifying the parents of the price change which would have occurred by leaving the exit to it second company on the list (see only the tender reports) after being the first withdrawal, and given page to the journalists who have r increased dose. We may have made a mistake, but we did it out of “excessive will” to let our children – all of them – go on a school trip: The proof is that we have provided 15 accompanying teachers for 70 participating students, including support teachers; and we believe that the value of the authenticity of intentions is also measured by the possibility of making mistakes. Therefore, we read with deep bitterness the articles in the press and the comments on the news, which in our opinion give a distorted picture of our school: we wanted to paint it, artfully, as the place of exclusion and denied rights, spiced with insensitivity, bordering on cynicism, of teachers communicating “it will be next year”. Our school? The school? The place designated to achieve inclusion and integration of all? The place “by choice”, where respect for rights is taught daily and as a priority? Unacceptable! ”

And again: “The rationale escapes us by turning an error that can be repaired (because no formal dependence was made on any business) into a media case where the will to find the intentional guilt of the school is obvious at all costs. It would would have been enough (and desirable) a direct interview of Carol’s mother with the school presidency, who never refused to listen and confront anyone, with the aim of seeking solutions and breaking down difficulties.It would have been enough to trust the relationship of trust and mutual support between school and family, which has always shaped the pedagogical action of the Italian school.It was preferred to leave its – legitimate – demands to other interlocutors, who – we are allowed to doubt – put very different interests before Carol’s joy of attending the class trip. What do you think? ”

In Vibonese, a trip denied a disabled student: institutions mobilized

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