Culture Month 2022 in Carmagnola, between grades and quality events

Rich billboard dedicated to painting, photography, literature, music, theater, history and current affairs for Culture Month 2022 in Carmagnola: it starts from 27 May.

For over a month, from 27 May 2022, the atmosphere of the culture month returns to Carmagnola

That Culture Month 2022 edition -cultural review organized by the Ministry of Culture in Carmagnola municipality- will also this year offer a calendar of quality events, which thanks to the participation of various city associations will be able to touch on many aspects: painting, photography, literature, music, theater, history and current affairs.

The program starts this week: Friday, May 27th planned for the inauguration of the exhibition “Common Denominator – Three Painters and a Photographer” at Palazzo Lomellini, open until 3 July.

In it weekend of 28 and 29 May space instead for the concerts organized by the Istituto Comprensivo Carmagnola 1 and the weekend “Assaggi di heapa” at the San Bernardo Eco-Museum.

Beds by Night 2022: all program and details of Carmagnola literary festival

Wednesday, June 1st at 9:30 in the Baldessano-Roccati Auditorium – as part of the presentation conference for Crisis Watch, a training course for young people in the art of journalism – the connection with Toni Capuozzo, a journalist with extensive experience and deep knowledge of international issues.

In the evening at 21 in the castle courtyard, “The Wednesday book”, An initiative designed to promote reading and planned until the end of July each week, with new presentations of books and authors. The opening will be with the well-known actress, voice actress, TV and radio host Veronica Pivetti, who will present her book “Tequila Bang Bang”. On Wednesday, June 15, Gianluigi Nuzzi presents the book “I predatori (tra noi)”, on June 22, Carlo G. Gabardini presents “A Common Story – Sanpa: Me, Us, All” and on June 29, Chiara Moscardelli presents “The girl who canceled memories.

Beds from Notte 2022, revealed the names of the first three guests. It opens with Chiambretti

Saturday, June 4th, in the castle courtyard at 21.00, the deal will be with Polli Di Breeding (Giorgio Gaber tribute band), who will present “Grazie Gaber”, a show that tracks the best of the singing theater of Giorgio Gaber and Sandro Luporini, an ingenious interweaving of monologues and songs by the duo created and proposed for the first time in 1970, and which Gaber has since brought to the stage, always with great success. It is a look back at the theater seasons from the 1970s to the 2000s, through which the artist could describe Italy as it was and as it would have been.

The content is more current than ever: consumerism and utopia, freedom and helplessness, psychoanalysis and conditioning, sex and love, political and social. Luigi Bellanca (vocals and guitar) plays “Signor G” accompanied live by Riccardo Baccani (keyboards) and Fabrizio Bellanca (bass, guitar).

Sunday, June 5th the agreement is at 17 in Piazza Sant’Agostino with a concert by Saxmania, a group of young saxophonists, students and former students of Comprehensive Institute 1 with a musical orientation, led with great passion by Professor Maurizio Rosa.

Beds by Night 2022 in Carmagnola: Severgnini and Bonaccorti guests on the last nights

From Tuesday the 7th to Saturday the 11th of Junein the courtyard of Cascina Vigna Park, there is every night at. 21.00 “Letti di Notte”, the eighth edition of the literary festival organized by the Carmagnola Reading Group, which will have nationally acclaimed authors as guests.

Piero Chiambretti on the 7th he presents the book “Chiambretti. Authorized autobiography of his daughter Margherita ”, Alessandro Fullin on the 8th he presents “Man naked in orange and yellow”, Antonio Caprarica on the 9th he presents “Elisabetta. Forever queen. Life, the kingdom, the secrets ”, 10 Beppe Severgnini talks about the theme of travel and 11 Enrica Bonaccorti presents the book “Condominio addio!”.

In case of bad weather, the event will take place indoors and the appointments will also be transmitted in live streaming on Radio Vida Network and on the Facebook page of “Il Carmagnolese”.

“Vehicle A Vehicle B”, a new book by Domenico Ippolito from Carmagnola

The week dedicated to reading culminates Sunday, June 12thin the historic city center, with Arcades to read, the book fair enriched by many other events: a piano concerto by Maestro Andrea Simone De Nicolò at. 16.30 in the Church of Misericordia and book presentations in the Church of San Filippo between kl. 15.00 and 18.30: the collection of jokes about motorists “Vehicle A Vehicle B” by the authors Marco Sforzi and Domenico Ippolito, “The eyes are beautiful” by Francesco Rodolfo Russo, “The circus of butterflies” by Luca Molinero and “Prof!” by Francesca Carlini.

It will be the same day entertainment for the little ones: in piazza Sant’Agostino between 14:30 and 18:30 “Thinking before moving”, the chess game on a giant chessboard, the wooden game of the magician Trinchetto and the fables of Sara Troletti; in the library, space for animated readings “Welcome holiday!”.

Sara Troletti, author of Pralormo, Tells “Stories to Make Beautiful Dreams”

The following evenings, the musical, theatrical and literary events continue at Slotsgården.
Friday, June 17th at 21 in the courtyard of the castle presents the Reggiopop Quartet band “Fabrizio De Andrè Tribute”. From Bocca di Rosa to Canzone di Marinella, passing through River Sand Creek and Creuza de Ma up to Un Giudice and Un Blasfemo for a musical journey into the world of author music.

A captivating and captivating concert, with changing colors and full of surprises, spiced with sometimes serious, sometimes ironic anecdotes, where you can laugh or be touched, have fun or reflect. An evening completely dedicated to the big ones Genoese singer-songwriter through reinterpretations and reinterpretations of more and less famous works by Faber, proposed again in completely rearranged versions.

Promenade Lungomare De André, cycle-footpath between art and sea

Saturday, June 18th two events are planned. At 10 o’clock at the Civic Museum of Natural History, “Herbariums to be discovered” take place, dedicated to the history of the herbarium, from birth to conservation for scientific and educational purposes.

At 9 pm, Compagnia Torino Spettacoli will be on stage “La Loc Bandiera”, a comedy by Carlo Goldoni starring here Miriam Mesturino, an accredited Goldonian interpreter, flanked by Luciano Caratto, with Alessandro Marrapodi, conducted by Enrico Fasella. The cast is completed by Barbara Cinquatti, Stefano Fiorillo, Maria Elvira Rao, Stefano Bianco and the young talents of Liceo Germana Erba: Francesco Bottin, Lorenzo Rho and Alberto De Luca.

“Prof!”, Professor Carlini’s book about the world of the school

Tuesday, June 21st 21.00 in the castle courtyard there is “A intrada del temp clar”, a solstice concert by the Henno de Rose ensemble. An artistic proposition, the result of careful and original research, of light and fluid elegance.

A musical journey that resumes repertoires and eras that have forged the music of the ancient continent: from the troubadours to the courts of the Renaissance, to the popular repertoire of subsequent eras. A concert with recitative, music, song.

Thursday, June 23 two events are planned. Kl. 18.15 in the San Filippo Church “A journey … travels”, theater performance from the 2nd Comprehensive Institute, and at. 21 in San Rocco Church “Now I Read,” stories inspired by Elsa Morante’s “Childish Anecdotes.” “.

“Now I write”, the competition for the high schools of Carmagnola

An evening for young and old in particular will be over Friday, June 24thdedicated to Sergei Prokofiev’s masterpiece, the musical fable “Pierino e il lupo” by the company Gli amici di Fritz, in a version with five wind instruments, adorned with Bruno Gambarotta’s narrative voice and of films made with the sand art technique.

During the weekend, other moments of emotion and music will be represented by the concert of Saturday, June 25thwith tribute to Franco Battiato from Ferrobattuto Band and, Sunday, June 26thwith the concert in Corale La Grangia.

Celebrations in Carmagnola in the 500 years from the first vote to the Immaculate Conception

An initiative dedicated to local history and tradition concludes the review Thursday, June 30thand Collegiate Church of Ss. Pietro e Paolo, with songs of Mary for the celebrations commemorating the promise of the Immaculate Conception, pronounced by the Carmagnoles five hundred years ago.

All events are free. In case of bad weather, the appointments planned in the castle courtyard will take place inside the church of San Filippo. For further information about the Culture Month 2022 in CARMAGNOLA, it is possible to contact the Culture Office, by calling the numbers 011-9724238 and 334-3040338 or by writing to

The activities of the network of Carmagnola museums start again after the pandemic

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