with or without ISEE? 5000 € to the school!

2022 student bonus that can be requested during the year. Following the Draghi government, the regions also introduced a range of support for families with children in school. With or without ISEE, up to € 5,000 in support can be obtained.

From 18apps bonus to rental bonus to other incentives: there are several scholarships made available to students, including college students.

All contributions that allow you to save significantly on school materials (textbooks), but also on the use of services strictly related to culture (purchase of tickets for cinemas, theaters, museums, archeological parks, etc.), including scholarships offered for profit or to holders of low ISEE.

But that’s not all. The cost of schooling has recently been eased by one new student bonus of 60 euros to be used as a “discount” on public transport.

In addition, the rental bonus of 2,000 eurosaimed at school students and university students, as the deduction in the rent is valid for renting part of an apartment (room), in addition to the 500 euro student bonus dedicated to all children by now of age (born in 2002).

But let’s see what it is right away 2022 active and qualified student bonuses, with or without ISEE, how to have them together to benefit from a total of 5,000 euros and what other concessions, always concerning the school sector, it can be accessed during the current year by submitting applications to INPS, the Danish Tax Agency or the regions.

Student bonus 2022, 60 of the 5000 euros for school subscriptions: what does it consist of

Let us begin our discussion on Study bonus 2022 from a newly introduced scholarship which, together with the others, will contribute to the determination of the 5000 euros in contributions addressed to the school sector.

This is a bonus recently requested by the Draghi government to amortize the cost of the public transport service designed for all students and workers who own a low ISEE: less than 35,000 euros.

What is it about? Student bonus 2022included in the list of contributions linked to compliance with an ISEE threshold, is incorporated in a discount of 60 euros on public transport tickets purchased by children going to school.

However, be careful why the first Student Bonus which together with the others will guarantee the students a benefit of up to 5000 euros is not yet available. Only after the arrival of the implementing decree will they actually leave applications to recipients of the 2022 Student Bonus.

At present, the only security concerns the method of allocating resources: as the financial allocation given by the Draghi government to cover the whole measure amounts to EUR 100 million, the transport bonus of 60 euros will only be given until the available funds are exhausted.

The 60 euro discount provided by this special Study bonus 2022, however, it is not the only one that allows you to save a few coins on subscriptions.

The children who go to school can actually benefit from it a tax deduction of 19% of the expenses incurred to subscribe to public transport, provided that the maximum ceiling for supported costs does not exceed 250 euros.

Student bonus 2022, 2000 of the 5000 euros for rent, only with low ISEE: who is entitled to

The Second Student Bonus 2022, which, together with the others, helps to set the 5,000 euros in contributions offered to children going to school or university, it was intended to facilitate those who find themselves for various reasons to have to pay the rent monthly of an apartment or a single room.

The Budget Act for 2022 actually deserves the credit for having renewed the rental bonus in 2022 exclusively for young people aged from 20 to 31 years.

If it is university students or workers, everyone will be able to access the Student Bonus introduced to save on rent, if holders of low ISEE.

Specifically, young people who are in possession of the requirements just seen receive a tax deduction of 20%, which must be calculated from the four-year rent, up to an amount of 2,000 euros.

But what is ISEE limit to be considered? The rental bonus for 2022 can be recognized if the value of the corresponding economic situation indicator does not exceed € 15,493.71.

Applications to Apply for This 2022 Student Bonus, instead, must be submitted to the Danish Tax Agency no later than 30 June 2022.

Student bonus 2022, 500 euros for young people without ISEE, not just for school: this is how it works

We’re coming now third Student Bonus 2022 which, together with the others, makes 5,000 euros available to young people. We are talking about a much sought after contribution because it can be used on goods and services that are not fully linked to the school sector.

If you are an adult, born in 2003, you can request a 500 euro bonus without ISEE directly from 18app.

The culture bonusthis is the first name of the Student Bonus in question, represents an opportunity to be seized for the children who came of age last year. Five hundred euros certainly does not change lives, but they give young people the opportunity to cultivate their passions.

And in this perspective 2022 student bonus that can be requested from 18app via SPID.

But how will it be possible to use the school voucher of 500 euros generated in the “Portfolio” section of the website? The Student Bonus 2022 without ISEE can be used for the most diverse purchases: from magazines to textbooks, from tickets to concerts, exhibitions, museums, shows, to magazines and newspaper subscriptions.

That Student bonus for buying language courses and other material useful to strengthen the education of the recipient.

As for the questions, however, you have until 31 August 2022 to register on the 18app platform and gain access to the 500 euro Student Bonus without ISEE.

The voucher can be used until February 23, 2023.

Student bonus 2022, 5000 euros and more: lots of help with or without ISEE from the regions. Which are they

A number of 2022 student bonuses paid at the regional level also contribute to the achievement of € 5,000 in contributions to young people. Most often, these are scholarships that are awarded to the recipients, taking into account the income situation of the family to which the young person belongs.

In Venetoe.g, low ISEE households (under 40,000 euros) can apply for a variable student bonus for the school year 2021/2022 in amounts based on the school your child attends.

Concrete households with ISEE under 15,000 euros will receive 900 euros Student bonus for children going to primary school, 1,350 euros for those enrolled in middle school and 1,950 euros for high school.

For ISEE values ​​from € 15,001 to € 30,000, on the other hand, a Student Bonus 2022 of € 390 is due for primary school children, double for those enrolled in middle school, while the maximum ceiling of € 1,150 will go to high school students.

In addition to the ISEE threshold of € 30,001 but not € 40,000, you are entitled to a Study Bonus of 310 euros, 540 euros and 780 euros for primary, middle and high school children.

Those interested in the 2022 Student Bonus implemented by the Veneto region can submit applications until the deadline set for June 9, 2022.

Student bonus 2022, with low ISEE or other in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Puglia: how to get them

Our review regarding Study bonus 2022 introduced at the regional level continues to deal with concessions introduced in Tuscany, Puglia and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

In the latter region, high school students have (equal) access to a number of contributions specifically designed for AS 2021/2022.

Also in this case as with all the student bonuses just seen, which offer children up to € 5,000 in contributions, it is ISEE that determines access to the grant.

Access The school dowry does not have to exceed the ISEE threshold of 33,000 euroswhile families with even lower incomes (ISEE less than 10,000 euros) will be able to benefit from scholarships of up to 200 euros.

In the wake of Friuli we find Tuscany. Here is Study bonus 2022 it will be up to children enrolled in high schools. To access the 2022 school package, it will be necessary to have an ISEE below € 15,748.78.

But let’s get to the amounts. It starts from one minimum 300 euros, intended for all students regardless of order and class, to a maximum of 5,000 euros for residents of specific municipalities (Giglio Island, Capraia). In the latter case, the ISEE limit, which may not be exceeded, is 36,000 euros.

The questions to have 2022 student bonuses made available by the Tuscany Region must be presented on different dates, in any case by 31 May 2022.

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