School, here is the new recruitment of professors

Changing the Recruitment System for Middle and High School Teachers – Photogram

The recruitment system for middle and high school teachers has changed, with the introduction of a “university and academic course in basic education”, “annual” competitions and the creation of a higher school for further education of teachers, which will give the right to a faster “wage progression”. Appearance, the latter, which immediately attracted criticism from the school unions.
Yesterday afternoon, the Council of Ministers approved the Legislative Decree on the National Recovery and Resistance Plan (Pnrr), which will also include the school “package”, which provides the first 70,000 new teachers in the professorship from 2024. In summary, in terms of basic education and qualifications of new teachers, a university course for basic education (equivalent to at least 60 credits) is planned with a final exam, a national public competition each year and a period of one-year examination with final evaluation. If successful, there will be access to the role. There is also an internship period at the schools. And there will be “tutor” teachers to support the training course.

“While waiting for the new system to become fully operational – reads a statement from the Ministry of Education – direct access to the competition is provided for those who have already taught for at least 3 years in public school. The winners must then achieve 30 university points and In the transition phase – the note continues – those who do not already have a three-year course of study behind them, but want to teach, will be able to obtain the first 30 university points including the internship period to gain access to the competition. the other 30 points and take the qualification test to be able to pass the role ».

In order to encourage “innovation in teaching models”, the in – service training of teachers is being continuously and structured and transferred to the higher education school created with the reform. Ongoing “incentive” training on a voluntary basis is also planned, which will, however, give participants the opportunity to accelerate wage development. In this way, the teacher who is to participate in continuing education, e.g. the maximum salary after 23 years of employment and no longer after 35, as is the case for seniority.

“Today, we are taking a further step forward to provide stability to the education system,” stressed Minister Patrizio Bianchi. of innovation and greater qualification of the whole system ‘.
“The quality of the school depends on the quality of the teachers”, comments the group leader of Italia Viva in the Culture Committee in the hall, Gabriele Toccafondi. The former Minister of Education claims paternity to the initial and higher education of teachers for the Good School of the Renzi Government. “It is the confirmation that we had seen it right,” Toccafondi emphasizes. The senator for Alternativa, Luisa Angrisani, talks about the “counter-reform of recruitment”. “With the new recruitment system proposed by Minister Bianchi – Angrisani continues – we are facing a mechanism that betrays young people and insecure workers and prolongs times”.

The school’s unions are also opposed to the reform. “Is it possible that a plan of this magnitude is defined by decree, without a real confrontation, neither with Parliament nor with the trade unions?” Guild. The unions challenge the method used and the instrument (“The Legislative Decree is a measure characterized by the requirements of necessity and urgency”) for the new measures concerning recruitment and training.
“Why does the school continue to be a terrain for legislative raids?” Ask the Secretaries-General Francesco Sinopoli, Ivana Barbacci, Pino Turi, Elvira Serafini and Rino Di Meglio,. A plan that uses incentive-based training courses, without providing new investment, further degrades the few resources earmarked for contract renewal. «New funds are needed – explain the trade unionists – to be allocated to the contract and to the forms that will be contractually defined for education and professional development. Let there be a real showdown with the workers’ representative organizations ”, the school unions ask.

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