School, at Anna Frank di Marassi the experience of a multisensory classroom

Genoa. Soft light, Ayurvedic music, water mattresses and optical fibers. No, it’s not a spa, but the multisensory classroom created at the Anna Frank School in Marassi. A relaxation room, but also a corner of well-being for body and mind. “Mens sana in corpore sano” the old Latins used to say. And the teachers at the school in Piazzale Valery really took this old teaching literally.

Present at the inauguration are the president of Valbisagno municipality Roberto D’Avolio, the councilor for the direction of youth policy Maria Claudia Costanzi, the director of IC Montaldo Marilena Montaquila, all teachers and children in the primary school Anna Frank and some of the secondary second degree Cantore accompanied by Professor Bufano. But the main characters are those, the children of the “serious Polo”. The special students who animate and characterize the entire department with their sensitivity and their presence. An entirely Genoese reality, the flagship of the school department under the Lantern.

For them, this is a corner of Paradise that both the municipality and the members of the decent body want. And for them a song that serves as a leitmotif in the event. “Not a Minor” by Mario Costanzi. A hymn sung aloud in the school garden by all the classes and on video from the three neighborhoods of Da Passano Elementary School.

A unique soundtrack that united the schools of the same institute under the “network of the same sky” and placed them in three different corners of the neighborhood.

“Snoezelen room – tell the children – is a welcoming space where all the senses are stimulated to offer new experiences and well-being to children”. Snoezelen is a Dutch word, it is derived from two verbs meaning “to explore” and “to relax”. The activities that will be performed include the use of playful tools that are able to stimulate children based on their body and aim to improve autonomy and relationships.

“This beautiful classroom will help to arouse children’s interest in the world around them – explain the teachers – it will provide opportunities for exploration and self-discovery, stimulate curiosity and exchange of communication.
Bubble tubes are objects of strong attraction that cannot be lacking in a multisensory space. Transparent columns with small colored balls, bubbles and animals inside. The water with its constant flow of bubbles offers a magical sight. of visual sensations and auditory stimuli. It is possible to insert into the pipes, even other small objects, depending on the preferences of children.

Aromastream is the box of essential oils. An aroma diffuser containing three bottles with different scents: lemongrass, clean air and French lavender. But the highlight is definitely the waterbed, which with its gentle movements and comfortable warmth gives a general feeling of well-being, security, relaxation and tranquility.

“Especially the bed in our classroom – explain the teachers – has a rigid containment edge and a complete heating system. The bed allows you to explore your body in a comfortable way through the hot water mattress that adapts to the body and promotes well-being. Thanks to the vibro-acoustic system it is possible to get a sound experience and vibrations throughout the body, to the rhythm of the music.

“The music box is actually an element that goes with the waterbed. Contains the amplifier system and the DVD player. Auditory stimulation involves suggestions of pieces of music that fall within the person’s preferences, or new suggestions to expand his knowledge. The visual suggestions – the children continue in their history – will always have to keep in mind the person’s preferences and the goal we work for: the soft light will favor relaxation, the play of light will instead favor activation “.

Lights and images coming from a laser projector with adjustable brackets are also useful as stimulating memories. With the glittering laser lights projected on the ceiling or wall, a fantastic light effect can be achieved.

Optical fibers are made only of light, so they can be handled without danger, there is neither electricity nor heat, the material is non-toxic. One can observe, explore and manipulate the filaments that change color and enter a new special world of activity and sensing. They can be mounted on shelves to facilitate their arrangement in the classroom.

The last element is the rocking chair. It provides pleasant sensations that develop balance, coordination and stimulate adequate sensory modulation. The very comfortable seat provides extra containment and helps to create a feeling of well-being, confidence, satisfaction, comfort and harmony.

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