Acino projects Irpinia into the world of natural wines: “The culture and awareness of the territory to share a growth path in the province”

The doors to Monumental complex of the former Bourbon prison in Avellino to welcome Berrythe first review in Campania dedicated to natural wines: In an unprecedented evening version, Lugthaven hosts a unique format that will evolve over three days, from this Saturday to Monday afternoon – from 21 to 23 May – for a journey of discovery through artisanal vinificationa beautiful exception in the Italian wine scene.

With the support of the Archaeological Superintendent of Fine Arts and Landscape, patronage of Avellino municipality and the province, with the support of “De Sanctis” Enological School, the start-up Visit Irpinia has arranged a journey through art, culture, food and wine and entertainment to celebrate another way of making wine with winemakers, wineries, hosts, chefs, enthusiasts and curious on natural wine.

Acino is the beginning, an adventure, the first step towards a broader territorial promotion strategy, as pointed out by the mayor Gianluca Festa: “We must realize the productive potential of Irpinia, wine is one of the most important and prestigious treasures we have, we need planning to build an identity of value, starting from the history of wine, from the knowledge of many small realities that arise and they grow in the territory because this taste belongs only to our province, and it is from here that we must start, from this excellence.All institutions are coherent in the issue of development, which is the right synergy to promote the brand , we stand behind it is true, but the ability to work together will help us win this challenge as a team.Enjoying our wine, immersing yourself in the history of our extraordinary natural environment is an experience that can not be repeated, events like Acino must be strengthened and multiplied ».

The institutional table that opened the Acino exhibition

Natural, sustainable, sociable, this is the claim that accompanies Acino and repeats the dean’s words Pietro Caterinidirector of one of the oldest winery schools in Italy: “These events help to create the network, join forces, bring us together and bring us together, and share the growth goals of Irpinia, which must have a fixed point, the wine culture The oenology school has planted fourteen resistant vines that do not need to undergo treatments, in the microvinification laboratory only natural yeast and spontaneous fermentation are used, also we have embarked on this experimental path, in parallel with the production of conventional wines, to get closer to the needs for respect and protection of the environment and open us to a new horizon “.

For the conspiracy to protect Irpinia wines it is Maura Sarno – owner of the vineyard “Tenuta Sarno 1860” – to speak: “The consortium now has seven hundred members working together to protect the denominations, aware that natural wines are the tradition of our territory, which is passed down from generation to generation, through the ages, speaks a familiar, genuine language. The promotion must be carried out jointly, but also taking into account the gaps, in order to fill them and really get going on the path of tourism ».

An intervention that expands the possibilities for the province of Avellino will instead come from the Deputy Minister of the Interior Carlo Sibilia: «Raising expertise – education and quality in production – is our task and we must all feel involved to take a step forward and project ourselves into the future. We have everything the connection between the territorial institutions in dialogue with each other and with the central government can do much to make Irpinia known. It is no longer time for divisions or conflicts, working towards the territory, making it richer and making it known to the world is crucial to creating development assets. Let’s start with wine, let’s make it the focal point of building opportunities, let’s do it in chorus, through a single voice, wine is after all amalgamation, sharing and an important action for the development of tourism can start from this table “.

The Superintendence official, the art historian, spoke about art and culture in the magnificent Bourbon Prison complex Paola Apuzza who has made a great effort to improve the territory during his career: “For years I have struggled to create a cultural awareness, we are fortunate to be surrounded by magnificent landscapes, to have a naturalistic heritage strongly influenced by the vineyards , representing Irpinia’s identity and culture, finding ourselves together to reflect on the province’s potential makes us hope to pursue an overall discourse on the wine’s potential, set in a prestigious historical-artistic context, it’s time for everyone to take a big step forward, in the same direction. “

Enjoy Acino, enjoy the extraordinary opening at sunset in one of the most atmospheric places in the city, approach natural winemaking in slow sipswith consciousness, especially enjoying the narrative of the vignerones: this review is an optionof encounter and knowledge, of taste and emotion, of stimuli and experiences that reconcile us with Irpinia and its beauty.

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