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Giardini Maria Carolina May 27, 28, 29, June 1, 2022

High expectations in Maria Carolina Gardens a few meters from the Royal Palace of Caserta for “Zero kilometers of cultureAn event of great privilege that from next 27 May to 1 June will bring many moments divided between the historic Caserta Park dedicated to the famous Queen of Naples, wife of Ferdinand IV music, entertainment and sports until you reach the grand finale with the rapper Clementine and the departure of his tour “Black Pulcinella”.

An event organized by “Bro Live Events“With the protection of Caserta municipality and promoted by”PSV Academy Uni Centro StudiRepresented by the lawyer Giuseppina Piccirillo and by Dr. Giacomo Guerriero, by Associated office for criminal lawyer Nello Sgambatofrom “Opes Campania“With its President Gianluigi Antonini, from” Dechatlon “, from”Mercatorum University“University of the Chamber of Commerce and from Cones (Sports and health).

For the participants of the event now in its third edition on May 27 and 28, there will be many performances, freestyle football, along with dance shows, matches and events between sports associations ready to combine the various sports. For football diehards are also planned vision of the final from Champions League.

To make the days of “Zero Kilometer Culture” come alive in the “Sport Village” at Maria Carolina Gardens, there will also be many individual training and techniques and a boxing final in the regional championship with the champions of the Excelsior Boxe of Marcianizers. With the participation of a partner such as Radio Punto Zero creators of interviews, live and comparisons between the world of culture and sports, to complete the proposals, a Moto-Trial show will also take place.

On May 29, there will be the festive distribution of all the ASDs participating in the event (Flag Football – ASD Bandits Caserta Aft; Football – Steel Bucks ASD; Rugby – Rugby Clan SMCV Asd; Calcio Female- ASD Caserta Calcio Female ; Football – ASD Real Sito S.Leucio; Football – ASD San ​​Vito Ercole; Football – Santoro – Blue Davils; Football – Guarino – Capua; Football / Volleyball Polisportiva Fortitudo; Volleyball – Volley Quadrifoglio; Ice Skating – ASD Calatia Roller Caserta; Ice Skating – Caserta Roller Training; Ice Skating – ASD Those of Ice Skating: Ice Skating – ASD Hermes Roller; Baseball – ASD Reggia Caserta Baseball Softball; Tennis Table; Excelsior Boxing; Parasport Activities – ASD Buona Idea; Boccia; Running – ASD Podistica Marcianise; Mountain Biking; Off Road; Subbuteo; ASD Psvacademy Athletics; Horseback Riding – Durazzano Country Village; Swimming – ASD Nautico La Pietra; Cinofilo Group; Motorcycle – Moto Club Caserta ASD) and an interesting conference with the educational institutions.

Finally, on June 1, it’s the turn for the sports award ceremony with the participation of the Short Track skater, Olympic champion, Yuri Confortola and the concert and screening of the popular rapper Clementine which for the occasion will kick its own once in a while Trip Black Pulcinella“.

With the motto “experiences that unite”, the event, in addition to demonstrating the ambitions of the sporting heart of Terra di Lavoro, will once again see “Brò Live Events“At the forefront of safeguarding culture and the union between people. All this based on the choice of a witness like Clementino, the same one who in the sign on his latest record “Black Pulcinella“Will be an advocate for the experiences they unite, and for the young people who intend to look positively to the future.

The entire project will also serve to offer a tangible contribution to IRFF, long-distance support that has always been committed to helping refugees. Tickets at and the go2 online circuit and at the on-site store; 3 euros for a single day, 8 euros for Clementino showcase, 13 euros subscription to the entire event. Under 11 free admission. For info 3245656492.


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