Piobesi, numerous suggestions for the summer aimed at children and teenagers

There are numerous suggestions for the summer in Piobesi Torinese, dedicated to children and teenagers: among the organizers of the summer centers are the parish oratorio, the Pro Loco Association and the Baima kindergarten.

A shot that portrays the last night in the summer oratorio of Piobesi Torinese

In Piobesi Torinese they are numerous the summer proposals aimed at children and teenagers: In addition to the sports field proposed by ASD Chisola Volley and Sportinsieme, other initiatives have been organized byPiobesino oratoriumfromPro Loco Association and from Baima Kindergarten. All the initiatives were also sponsored by Piobesi Municipality.

The oratorio in the parish of Piobesi it proposes, as every year, a summer center for primary school children and 1st grade high school children. The title of the 2022 initiative is “What a story! The main character is you”; the summer center opens its doors to members on June 27 and concludes with the traditional graduation party on July 15. The summer oratorio will welcome children and teenagers every afternoon from Monday to Friday, from 2:30 to 6 p.m .; only exception Wednesday, the day the trips to the pool are held8 to 18. The parish’s youth offices in the summer are the oratorio in via Solferino and the parish building in via san Giovanni Bosco.

The cost of this initiative is as follows: 12 euros for registration (this is reduced to 5 euros for those who already own the oratorio card), 25 euros per week without the trip and 45 euros if you also want to take advantage of the trip to the pool. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer: all information to continue in this sense can be found on the social page of the Piobesino Oratorio.

The registrations are already open: it is possible to go to the oratorio this afternoon, from 15 to 18, and on Thursday 26 May, from 21 to 22. “Registrations will always be acceptedeven after these dates or from week to week -the organizers communicate- In these cases, however, the delivery of the t-shirt and the opportunity to participate in the tours are not guaranteedFor more information, please contact the number as follows: 339-4242952 (Emi).

“Summer Camp Sport”, the summer camp is back in Castagnole and Piobesi

There Baima Kindergarten, instead, it proposes an initiative for the summer months dedicated to younger children, by age between 3 and 6 years (born in 2016). “A summer with the pirates!” is the theme for Children’s Summer, which starts on July 4th and ends on the 29th of the same month; the schedule covers all day, from 8 to 17, including lunch. The price is 80 euros per. week, a figure falling to 75 euros if brothers and / or sisters are enrolled; children who do not go to school during the school year must pay an additional 25 euros for the enrollment fee.

That activities proposals from the summer there are numerous children at the Baima school: creative and expressive workshops, manual workshops and excursions in the area, outdoor picnics, baby dancing, water and movement games as well as collaboration; Treasure hunts and activities related to respect for nature are also offered. For information and registration you can contact the school at the number 011-9657093 or at the e-mail address info@scuolamaternabaima.it.

Finally tooPro Loco Association of Piobesi Torinese organizes summer camp in collaboration with social cooperative ET. This initiative aims to welcome children and young people between the ages of 6 and 14, from June 13 to July 22; creative and theatrical workshops, activities at Lake dei Germani in Piobesi, games and sports tournaments as well as school refunds and homework will be offered. The price is 65 euros per. weekwith packed lunch or the opportunity to enjoy a hot meal prepared by Pro Loco for a price of 5 euros.

Registration for the summer boys in Pro Loco ends Friday, June 3, subject to availability. For more information, please contact Roberta Manias (tel. 388-3678395 or email roberta.manias@cooperativasocialeet.it).

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