“Naples at the end of the cycle we will have to renew ourselves and remain competitive. Koulibaly for me is not transferable!”. Saw the news about Mertens and Ospina

The coach for Naples, Luciano Spallettispoke at the press conference on the eve of the last day of the Serie A championship, scheduled for tomorrow at. 12.30 mod Spice. The occasion was useful for addressing various issues. Here are his words:

What Naples is emerging and what prospects are it developing?
“It’s a question that will be difficult to answer right now, if not impossible. A team’s competitiveness depends on many factors for us there must be the ability to renew ourselves because this team is a bit at the end of its cycle. Some players have their contracts expiring and others are in old age. We need to know how to renew ourselves while remaining competitive, we need to know how to do it, also considering an adjustment period for all young people. Without forgetting that we too will have to understand what our opponents will do. We do not take as our starting point the difference that this year’s placement makes, next year we will all start from scratch and we must be good at taking advantage of that. There will be more competitive teamsLike the Italian Fiorentina. The condominium expands, there comes an additional apartment (laughs, ed.). It is not obvious to be able to do better than the other 8 teams, we could also be able to recover. We did it again this year and proved to be a top level team “.

Would he still chain himself to Koulibaly?
“Also last year there were a lot of sales, and then it did not happen. Try to pretend to be in the ideas of a coach who has on the team Koulibalyhow would you think? To me, it is non-transferable! He is one of those players who is willing to lend a hand to everyone he has the ability to be present even when the level needs to be raised in relation to the match. If you find one that goes strong, he goes even faster and raises the level. For me, it is not transferable, also because we want to make another championship at a high level. Then we decide to take another younger, but we become a leader like him, also through previous experiences in this city ”.

Are there any fixed points from which to start again beyond Koulibaly?
“I know the club well, the sports management, the scouts, they come to training, I have faith in these people that he talks to, but it is just as obvious that we need quality grants of equal proportions for every start. . Competitiveness passes through teams like Juventus who want to win the championship, like Inter, Milan, for whom an adaptation and therefore quality that needs to be put in place immediately will be needed to support these giants.

The president said the stay also depends on Koulibaly, will he be the next captain?
“I’m a lucky coach. I’m often close to those players too I am convinced that society also knows what the value and significance of Kalidou is. I hope there is an opportunity to find a meeting place, due Koulibaly is a different player and one like him needs more attention“.

Will Mertens and Ospina stay in Naples?
“What can be dangerous by this end of cycle of some football players is the fact that we have more leaders of this team expire. Captain (Insignia, ed.) he traveled already in January, but he showed affiliation, and we thank him for that, he was unique. But losing them all … it takes years to rebuild those leaders. From a technical point of view Mertens he asserted himself and it was seen when he took the pitch, the same is true Ospina. It is football players who manage to convey something themselves without speaking, Ospina for example speaks a little but is not in need. He is able to be heard, even without speaking, and society, I think, will take this into account ”.

Spalletti press conference on the eve of Spezia-Napoli

Will Di Lorenzo and Mario Rui be the continuity of Naples?
Otherwise, we put them all on the market (laughs, ed.). These football players here we do not think they can go away. Also, should Ghoulam go away, we will have to find another left-back. Mario Rui has played many games, a management that only a few players and champions have“.

More specific weight had of Insigne in Naples or of Totti in Rome?
They are two phenomenal football players. Those for whom children dream of becoming football players, because they’re there, not because I’m on the bench. It is also the players who, if they also combine sacrifice and running backwards, give you something more. Then they delete everything you have prepared with a play and a stroke of genius.
Insigne I do not know if he has thought about what it means to wake up in Toronto, or in any other part of the world, instead of Naples.. I would be curious to see him the first day there. These are things that for those like him who have Naples on their skin are hard to overcome. Maybe we’ll put a picture in his room who will look tomorrow “.

If Fabian Ruiz stays and whether there will be changes in the staff.
“I think a little will happen in the market in general. The timing and years of the contract each player has are very important, but I’m not the right person because Giuntoli and the president take care of them.
As for my staff, and here it is understood that he received an indiscretion, Baldini has decided to spend some time figuring out whether to continue or not. He needs some time with his family. If we decide to replace it, we’ll tell you. ”

What will he do after Spazia-Napoli, and if he also wants to bring a painting of Naples.
“The day after Spezia-Napoli I return to Tuscany to my home in the countryside. I’m not feeling well in the city confusion, so I have a family in Milan. But my home is in the countryside, I would also stop in La Spezia, where my wife and two of my children were born.
Picture of Naples? I’m lucky not to wear it, because I’ll be back in a few days. I’ll be back in about ten days with my wife and daughter to spend a few days by the sea. “

Is the fans returning to Maradona Stadium thanks to Spalletti?
“If the fans came to the stadium more, it is thanks to the quality of play that the players expressed, as well as the love for their team. The Neapolitans feel bad when they are away from the team, it is warned that they will play for them with Napoli . If they slipped apart for a while, it was for a moment of anger. The team did so well, they also have the best defense in the league. Then it is clear that you want to win and I repeat that not to have fought for the Scudetto until the end bothers us. I also tried to climb it by talking about full throttle, precisely because I had perceived that not everyone completely believed in it. Maybe that’s why we went too far, but I would do it again because that was what needed to be done. Then it is clear that we all want to win, but the question is, can I win? We all have to be tied to the right way of doing things to win, otherwise we risk falling out of bed and waking up from sleep. “

Again at Merten’s confirmation.
“Mertens did really well, but we also played well without him. Then it is clear that a strong player like him can give you a hand, even for leadership. He presented me the bill and I pay the one I repeat that I said he can stay. I believe that when you play him behind the attacker, you are not putting him in the best position to perform, but when he kicks on goal, he is an infallible sniper. He always knows where to place the ball ”.

How much of Spalletti is there in Osimhen’s growth?
“We discovered many things in the end, also due to the proximity of matches and the many injuries. We thought we had to stick the ball in our pocket, but if you lift it to him, it’s deadly in the head too.. We should know him well, and I am convinced that he will score many goals again next year ”.

Market with second-class players too?
“We have touched several keys. Giuntoli and Pompilio look at all our training sessions and are always present to understand what it takes to complete the squad. We have some names ready for all areas of the camp, at least 3-4 names, but it also depends on who is going to leave. If I mention someone’s name, whoever plays for Napoli in that position now thinks I’m angry at him. The team is already strong, but we will be ready. In the meantime Kvarastkhelia has already been taken and the club was good “.

What should I ask the team tomorrow for Spezia-Napoli?
“I ask for what I have been asking for all week, maximum effort. There will be no Ounas and Lozanothen the rest all come. Zanoli he was called up by Mancini and it pleases everyone in Naples, it also underscores the goodness of the training he has performed. He played a little, because in front of him there is a teacher like By Lorenzo.
Education? No all no, maybe 3-4 names I will give you them. Can you give me 5 names from La Spezia? (laughs, red). Then, Ghoulam plays just as well as Zanoli. Petagna, Zielinski and Meret also play.
I just wanted to remind you that after this season here, after 10 years in Serie A, I finished 9 times in the Champions League“.

After the Spalletti gives a bottle of wine away he produced for all the journalists present in the press room.

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