Museum Night is back with admission for one euro. The open places in Tuscany. The guide

Florence, 11 May 2022 – After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Saturday May 14 came back there Museum night, an event that has been taking place simultaneously across Europe since 2005, and which is joined by around 3 thousand museums in 30 countries. A good opportunity to enter the cultural sites and admire the masterpieces at an unusual time, such as the night and all symbolic price of only one euro. Here the museums are open in Tuscany.

For the symbolic price of one euro you can visit the Galleria degli Uffizi, from 19:00 to 22:00. Galleria dell‘Academy it will remain extraordinarily open from 7pm to 10pm, with the box office closing 30 minutes earlier. That San Marco Museum remains open from 18 to 21. Al Archaeological Museum the doors open from 20 to 23 while it Bargello Museum until 22.00, where the ticket office closes an hour earlier.

For what concern National Archaeological Museum, the director and curators of the Egyptian, Greek, Magna Graecia and Etruscan sections will answer all the questions and curiosities of the public. And it will be possible to explore the museum after the book game adventures handed out at the entrance. In addition, as part of the Children’s Florence on Friday 13 May and Saturday the 14th during the usual opening hours, teaching materials will be made available to young visitors.

For Museum Night, it will be open on Last Supper by Andrea del Sarto in via di San Salvi from kl. 6pm to 9pm; there Medici villa in Petraia 19.30 to 22.30 (with last access at 22), with guided visits to the museum’s collections and the exhibition “The Model Room”. Sculptures restored by the Ginori Museum. “Doors open to Medici villa in Cerreto Guidi and at the Historical Museum of Hunting and Territory from 6 p.m. 19.30 to 22.30 (last access at 22.00) On the occasion of the first hundred years of Stefano Bardini’s death, a legendary figure, nicknamed “Prince of Antiquities”, the staff of the villa will open the substructures the so-called “Medici bridges” and will accompany the public in the discovery of some important ancient finds from the classical age belonging to Stefano Bardini’s collections, acquired by the Italian state, starting from 1996.

The museums of Fiesole take part in the Night of the European Museums with the extraordinary and free opening of Archaeological Museum from 19 to 23.30. At night, the museum will light up with the event ‘Under a new light’, at At 8.30 pm, the results of the latest works that led to the construction of the museum’s new lighting system will be presented to the public with a guided tour that will allow you to reread some finds in the light of details that are now more visible than ever. During the evening guided tours at 19.15, 20 and 45 and at 22 they give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the museum and enjoy the special evening atmosphere in its premises. Participation in the presentation and tours are free with reservation required. On the weekends, the spring initiatives aimed at children and families also continue with workshops and theme tours. Saturday 14 appointment with “It’s dark! Turn on the light “, which will trace the story of an object as simple as it is fundamental to the daily life of the Romans, the lamp.

Open doors in Siena a Santa Maria della Scala and al Civil Museum21:00 to midnight, with last access at 23:00. You can also visit exhibition dedicated to Federigo Tozzi with a single discounted ticket of 5 euros. The doors open at night at National Photo Gallery from kl. 20:00 to 23:00, again at the symbolic price of one euro, where the project “Voci in Pinacoteca” is inaugurated, thanks to which the paintings can be admired while listening to music and creative stories. Two live events will also be held here at 21.00 and 22.00 with Accademia Minima.

The doors open from 20:00 to 23:00 The National Etruscan Museum in Chiusi. Necropolis by Poggio Renzo and Tomba del Colle.

Extraordinary opening of one euro per Mumecfrom 20.30 to 23.30.

That Casa Vasari museum will be open from 20 to 23 with guided tours at 20.10, 21, 21.50 and 22.30 with reservations required.

By Basilica of San Francesco There are guided tours of the Bacci Chapel with reservations required from 6 p.m. 20.00 to 22.30 every half hour. It will be open until 23.00 National Archaeological Museum “Gaio Cilnio Mecenate” andRoman amphitheater20.15 and 21.30 there will be a visit to the restoration site for the frescoes with the stories of San Benedetto detached from the monastery walls during World War II by the works director Paola Ilaria Mariotti. Kl. 21.00 presentation of the book “A table with the Etruscans. A journey to discover the Rasenna people through their relationship to food” live music, old dances and tastings: reservations are recommended.

In the province, the Night of the Museums also offers visitors the opportunity to discover the cultural and artistic richness of Valdichiana’s gem: Lucignano Museum there Church of San Francesco from 18.30 to 21 always at the symbolic price of 1 euro.

TO Sansepolcro the appointment is at 21 o’clockAboca Museum with the special initiative “Escape Aboca Museum” on the occasion of “Museum Night”. It’s an exclusive and dynamic visit that involves a paid team game: the caretaker has closed the building without checking that all visitors have really gone. For teams, from

4 a
7 people, it will therefore be necessary to solve all the puzzles and discover the code that opens the padlock that closes the door to the museum. Participants will receive four game booklets that include the museum card and a series of tracks to unlock the lock. The event ends at 23.00.

Self Lucignano Municipal Museum offers extended opening hours for the apartment.

To Anghiari the doors open from 19 to 22 atuseum of popular art and traditions in the Upper Tiber Valley, at Palazzo Taglieschi in Piazza Mameli. An extraordinary opening by appointment and meeting with the Museo della Battaglia and Anghiari with accompanying visits to the museum’s collections at 19.15, 22.10 and 22.10.

In Pisa night opening, and free, for Egyptological collections in via San Frediano. Visitors will be able to discover one of the richest collections of Egyptian finds in all of Tuscany. Is provided guided tours at 21.00, 21.45 and 22.15. Online booking is required. Free opening for Graphic Museum at Lungarno Galilei 9, extraordinarily open until Gypsum plaster of ancient art at piazza San Paolo all’Orto 20 will be open until 23.30, and there will also be free guided tours both to the collections and to the ‘Terra’ exhibition.

The doors open from 20:00 to 23:00 National Museum of San Matteo (with last access at 22.00). It will be possible to visit the restoration laboratory for the table “Sant’Orsola che salva Pisa from the water. For the occasion, it will be possible in small groups to access the museum laboratory, where the restoration of the table known as “Sant’Orsola saves Pisa from the water”, XIV century, is underway.

TO Kick which will exceptionally be open from 7.30pm to 10.30pm National Museum of Monumental Charterhouse19.30, 20.30 and 21.30 Guided tours are planned in the atmospheric environments rich in art and history, which hosted the Carthusian order from the fourteenth to the twentieth century, the large monastery, the monks’ cells, the church, the numerous chapels, the refectory and the chapter.

That Museum of Ancient Ships in Pisa prepares to welcome visitors with onespecial opening on the occasion of “European Museum NightA new opportunity that will take place Saturday, May 14thGive her 20:00 to 22:00, to discover the rooms of the Medici Arsenals of Pisa, located on the Lungarno Ranieri Simonelli in unprecedented surroundings. The initiative, which is taking place simultaneously across Europe, returns to Italy after a two-year halt due to the pandemic e provides evening access at the symbolic price of one euro.

Extended opening at Factors Museum, extraordinarily open from 19.00 to 22.00 with admission at a symbolic price of 1 euro and last admission at. To The City Museumopen from 20.00 to 22.00 and admission at a reduced price, there are also planned theater readings about the secrets behind Vittore Grubicy De Dragon, whose exhibition is underway.

That Textile Museum it will be unusually open from 21 to 24 and you can visit it for one euro. All museums that are part of the PratoMusei network participate in the Museums’ Night: the Luigi Pecci Center for Contemporary Art, Diocesan Museums and Palazzo Pretorio.

Doors open to Medicean Villa by Poggio a Caiano And Mortar Nature Museum18:00 and 19:00 guided tours by the staff about the history and the most important historical-artistic aspects of Medici Villa.

The Night of the Museums sticks Civic Museums in Pistoia, with extraordinary and free opening from 21 to 24, last admission 23.30, and visitors will therefore be able to take the opportunity to admire the ongoing exhibitions. Doors open to Civic Museum of Old Art in City Hall, al museum for Spedale del Ceppoto twentieth-century museum and modern Palazzo Fabroni.

TO Monsummano Terme doors are opened to Casa Giusti Nationalmuseum 18-21 with an accompanying visit to the museum’s premises, in Pistoia it can be visited the former Tau church at the same time with a guided tour at 18.00 to the cycle of frescoes from the fourteenth century and Marino Marini’s works, and also Oratorio in San Desiderio with tour at 19.30 to the fresco by Sebastiano Vini

They are open from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm both days National Museum of Villa Guinigi to National Museum of Palazzo Mansi.

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