More than half of American-born children qualify for state aid, including food

( Natural news ) More than 50 percent of babies born in the United States they are assessed as eligible for welfare benefits under a US Department of Agriculture program (USDA). The revelation comes as the US struggles with a shortage of breast milk substitutes.

Writing for PJ Media author and reporter Athena Thorne shed light on the USDA’s special supplemental nutrition program for women, babies and children (WIC). According to the board WIC serves “53% of all children born in the United States”.

The WIC “provides federal subsidies to states for supplemental food, health care and nutrition education for low-income, breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding pregnant women after childbirth and for infants and children up to 5 years who are at nutritional risk.” , USDA website said. Families whose income is up to 185 percent of the federal poverty guideline can receive WIC assistance, Thorne added.

The USDA has provided examples of places where parents can benefit from WIC benefits, including county health departments, hospitals, town halls, schools, and social housing.

However, the program left a bad taste in Thornes’ mouth, which led her to remark: “The fact that one in two American children is considered eligible for state aid it is an incredibly disturbing level of third world economic failure. What’s going on in the world? “

“[Sebbene] it is admirable and wise to ensure that mothers and children receive adequate nutrition when they need money, it would also be admirable and wise to look for ways to prevent this situation from occurring so often ”.

Citing data from Center for Disease Control and Prevention , the reporter said that 40% of children in the United States are now born out of wedlock. He added that about 39 percent of marriages end in divorce. “This makes many single parents one of the strongest predictors of financial hardship,” Thorne said.

“We all pay tribute to the courage of more and more mothers who choose the lives of their unplanned children. Maybe we can also do more to celebrate traditional virtues, such as encouraging young people to have greater self-respect and restraint ”.

Illegals compete with WIC recipients for infant formula

The USDA website mentioned that WIC benefits, which include infant formula, can also be used in health centers and migrant camps. Thorne wrote: “In the midst of the shortage, a large lump of infant formula [viene] sent to the border of newly arrived ‘asylum seekers”.

A report of 12 May Just the news seemed to support Thorne’s remark. Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) revealed that the Biden administration stands to send breast milk substitute to illegal aliens held in detention centers as American mothers find it difficult to obtain it for their children. (Related: Destroying food supplies is the PLAN: Australia dumps fresh avocados while infant formula is sent to the U.S. border as U.S. children starve. )

“[Il presidente Joe] The bite sends pallets with infant formula to the border. Meanwhile, store shelves across America are empty and mothers are being told they do not know when more will arrive, the Republican lawmaker said on May 11th.

According to Cammack, a customs and border protection agent (CBP) disclosed this information to her. The agent also sent pictures of shipments of infant formula to a treatment facility in Texas. “You would not believe the expedition I just took,” the CBP agent with three decades of service behind him told Cammack.

The agent, who was himself a grandfather, remarked that his children could not get any formulas.

“One time[amministrazione] Biden distributes [immigrati illegali] across the country, they compete with Americans for scarce supplies of infant formula, which they do [stranieri illegali] they receive free of charge at the expense of taxpayers [americani]”Thorne finished.

Hunger news has several stories about the continuing lack of children’s formulas.

See below rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) who is suing the administration for having breast milk substitute sent to illegal immigrants .

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